Gosick #016: Maria-holic

Victorique has been kidnapped by her father. Is Kazuya a bad enough dude to recuse her? Old Data East references aside when Victorique is forcibly shipped off to a convent it is up to Kazuya to save her. Using the invitation provided to him by Grevil to attend the Phantasmagoria at the intimidatingly named Beelzebub’s Skull, he springs into action. As all the major players in Gosick gather, a storm is certainly beginning to brew.

The Case

The case here is really switched up because Victorique is the case. With big reveals about her father in the last episode and more in this one, the complexity of the relationship between him and the Gray Wolves starts to uncloud. The idea of Victorique as some sort of weapon is interesting. The creepy setting though makes it certain that even darker things will occur so perhaps we are in for a murder yet; maybe even a big character murder. It was pleasing to see Kazuya determined and in more of his physical role again. I feel bad for Kazuya because even we the audience know more about what is going on than him at this point. It really and truly feels as though the curtain has risen on the final act of Gosick.

The is another example where the first episode is all set up and no case. So far we have not had a murder but clearly someone is going to die at the  Phantasmagoria it is just a question of who. We have some suspects and possible victims that Kazuya meets on the train to Beelzebub’s Skull. One of them is a young man who is a clock maker and one of them is an old man going to see his daughter. I wonder if the clock maker ties into Brian Roscoe’s chess playing Turk in the back of the train. For those in the know the Turk was supposedly a famous mechanical device that was smart enough to play chess and often beat famous chess players. It turned out in the end that despite all complicated machinery on display the game was actually played by someone hiding inside the device with a good deal of camouflage to make it look mechanical. That is why the Turk was able to bonk Kazuya on the head. I assume either Cordelia Gallo or Brian Roscoe was hiding in the machine at the time but maybe someone else was hiding in there. I assume the Turk itself will play a greater part in the later mystery when it reveals itself.

Final Thoughts

With all the talk last mystery of alchemy and it continuing into this one, I still think we won’t be dealing with super science in this series; I believe it will all be dispelled by Victorique like everything else thus far. The mixture of history like WWI and taking bits and piece from other parts of Europe is great, though it makes you wonder how it will play out as it draws closer to WWII but hey, it’s fiction. Victorique’s interactions with Kazuya are great at the top of the tower. It was also pleasing to see a softening of Grevil which has been building for a little while. I’m also really glad they decided to start turning their eye towards the mysteries of Victorique so early, giving them ample time to explore and wrap up before episode 24.

Everything is really starting to gear up for the end. We know now that there are preparations being made for the second world war and that Albert de Blois and Brian Roscoe are on opposite sides behind the scenes. Albert seems to represent the forces that support occult research and Brian is on the side of science in this shadow war. It might seem ironic for a magician to be trying to fight against the occult until you realize that the Amazing Randi, a stage magician, is one of the most famous debunkers of occult phenomenon in the world. All of this looks to be coming to ahead with Cordelia and Brian taking a much more active role and Albert seemingly pushing forward time tables. I wonder if Cordelia and Brian are going to make it out of this book alive. They might die here especially if we get their full back stories in order to set up the final confrontation between Victorique and her father. But this story just might end with Victorique being kidnapped again for the final battle. If nothing else I am glad to see more cute interaction between Kazuya and Victorique along side a story that is as entertaining. I am hoping for this series to go out on a high note.


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