Gosick #022: A Donnie Darko Christmas

Victorique circumvented the machinations of the Ministry of the Occult and the Science Academy but she merely escaped a single battle while the war in the shadows rages on. As the campus celebrates Christmas both sides are attempting to use Kazuya as a pawn to control the heart of the petite gray wolf. The legend of the Monstre Charmant, protests in the street, secret agents, kidnappings, deportations, love, and hate are all part of the powder keg of that is Sauville. The only question is when will the match fall to set everything ablaze.

The Case

For some reason they dress up as if it is Halloween during Christmas in Sauville. I don’t think Victorique’s costume really counts, since she looks no different from her usual self. I suppose she skirt is a bit shorter. Kazuya on the other hand with the bejeweled heart on his chest stands out pretty well! But maybe not as much as you would think by the end since an underground resistance group is rising with up and just happen to be wearing bunny heads as well. The case here is really how the final plot of Victorique’s father will play out, it is countdown time!

The dogs of war have not been let loose but you can tell that everything is coming to a head. While we have not seen any obvious declarations of love between the two main characters it is quite obvious to everyone that Victorique and Kazuya are a couple. We get several great scenes that show how much the two of them have come together and how their hearts and minds have grown intertwined. But this bond has also become a tool for those who wish to manipulate them. The Science Academy basically tried to boot Kazuya out of the country to neutralize Victorique as a player but sadly the devotion to his promise to stay by her side has landed them both firmly in the hands of Albert de Blois.

Final Thoughts

A lot of this episode builds on Kazuya and Victorique’s relationship so that when they are pulled apart in the end it is even more difficult to watch. And it was difficult despite the fact they have been pulled apart in the last two arcs previous. Victorque’s anguished cry was powerful. I tend to believe Grevil sees himself as the lesser of two evils by protecting Victorique from the full brunt of their father by playing the evil henchman. I really can’t decide how I think these relationships will turn out in the end, I’m kind of prepared for tragedy.

While things are still slightly calm on the surface we see that the dam clearly bursts in the next episode. Sword fights, raging flames, blood soaked rooms, and more. I expect the cast to be reduced by a few members in the next episode. Jupiter Roget should probably avoid investing his money IRAs and long terms bonds in you know what I am saying. Brian Roscoe (1 or 2)  and Rupert de Gilet probably don’t need to worry about pension plans as well. I think that Jacqueline de Signore would not casually had over Kazuya to Grevil  so they have some sort of plan. The legend of Monstre Charmant is clearly going to be the motif of this last arc. I am pretty sure that at one point Kazuya and Victorique kill fake their own deaths to appear to pass away like the rabbit and the monster in the story. When everyone thinks Kazuya and Victorique are no more they can make their counterattack as both sides throw down. And from what we can see it is going to be an epic throw down starting next episode. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


One thought on “Gosick #022: A Donnie Darko Christmas

  1. hoshiko says:

    Victorique has a lot of nicknames. Somehow, those nicknames are not even related to one another.

    I’d like to think Grevil will turn his back against his father later and put forth his full support to Victorique and Kujo.

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