Gosick #023: Sauville is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

It seems that Victorique has done nothing more than simply delay the plans of   her father. Despite her efforts Jupiter Roget is revealed to be a Gray Wolf and chased out of the court, Rupert de Gilet is now in the pocket of the Ministry of the Occult, the Monstre Charmant are mere a tools of the Marquis, and Kazuya has been shipped off to Japan. It seems that war is coming and nothing can stop Albert’s plans. Those who wish to stand up to the Ministry of the Occult can seize one moment of vulnerability but taking advantage of it might come at a great cost.

The Case

Finally, Victorique’s father puts his ambitions in to motion. He confronts the King, the head of the Science Ministry, and even teams up with Germany in the war? What a busy man! His plans also included hiding Victorique away and dressing her as a nun. I’m surprised that Kazuya has ended up in the army though, I’m not sure how this works in to Albert’s machinations. Cordelia’s appearance at the political event was nicely done, had to give a little cheer when she revealed herself. As I’ve been saying “death of Brian” I wasn’t surprised, but it still made me sad! The case isn’t a case, it is just a climactic culmination of events! Though there is a lot of death and destruction in the end of the episode I still can’t predicted where we will ultimately end up.

I don’t think there is any huge mystery in this arc. The murder of Coco Rose might be the last formal mystery of the story. Victorique does do a Sherlockian breakdown of her father’s plan as well as the true nature of the Ministry of the Occult and his homunculi. You your truly know Albert de Blois is evil when he casually allies himself with pre-WWII Germany (if the ritualized rape did not already tip you off). Cordelia and Brain2 breaking up the Monstre Charmant rally was flashy but satisfying and surprisingly decisive. I have watched enough fiction to know that no one is truly dead until you see the corpse and that is only a decent but hardly certain indicator. So I expect at least one if not several of the people supposedly killed int this episode to not be as dead as we may suspect.

Final Thoughts

The ending was shocking, not only because of Cordelia’s knife skills, but because of the seeming death of Albert. I knew this had to occur, I just figured it would come together in the final episode. Though to be fair he probably has a bit of life left in him, enough to give us the scary movie jump. I hope the person that helps Victorique is Grevil, I know he can redeem himself!

Everything ends in epic flames and even more epic fights. Everyone who goes down fighting in this episode is pretty darn heroic or villainous. Evil Brian’s betrayal at the end is a little surprising but well foreshadowed. I had assumed that Grevil had been plotting against his father before this point but apparently that was not the case so this episode is his last chance to show what we assumed about him was true. I think that my favorite parts oddly enough were not the actions scenes but the moments showing Victorique and Kazuya’s unbreakable bond despite all the things inbetween them. How they give each other strength over a distance was powerful. I can’t wait to see them being reunited when the everything comes together in the conclusion. Who will live and who will die? What will come of this bloody revolution? Will anyone ever care about Cécile despite never once being useful? Only true sleuths will uncover all the clues next episode.


4 thoughts on “Gosick #023: Sauville is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

  1. hoshiko says:

    Cécile may not be very useful but she got heart. She cares about her students, particularly Victorique and Kujo. It’s always great to see such dedication and love from a teacher. I grew to like her over time.

    • reversethieves says:

      I know Narutaki was none to fond of her. If fact I mostly threw in that last line for Narutaki.

      If you want to be majorly reductionist she is merely the boob and glasses girl. But I think the main problem is not she is bad character but she does not really add much to the plot. If you removed her would the story flow any differently? Maybe. I did not hate her but I also don’t see her as vital.

      To each their own. She is hardly a horrible Misa Misa character so I see no real problem with her.

      – Hisui

  2. phatbhuda says:

    There’s a pretty good chance they won’t be reunited. Then again, the show has done a thorough job of debunking mysticism except for the elder’s prophecy.

    • reversethieves says:

      I think they will end up together. This series may be vicious to side characters but I think they will find each other after a fashion.

      Then again Escaflowne did the ‘They will always be together in their hearts ending.” So …. I guess will will just see on Friday.

      – Hisui

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