Completing a Series

Everyone has their own various ways of watching anime and mine have changed over the years. Since I was introduced to it through a friend, I originally tended to watch in a group. But as my fandom grew I started to also watch things on my own. Up until perhaps the 2000s, in either of these scenarios I would watch anything and everything to the (sometimes bitter) end as long as I could find it. But I am not a completionist at heart.

So, as the availability of anime has grown, my tolerance for watching things that I’m not enjoying has dropped close to zero. That isn’t to say I won’t give a show a fair shake or the minute a show steps out of line I forget about it immediately, no, I’ve hung on from time to time. But my point is the minute I find myself complaining about a series too much, I let go. I’ve even been known to do this near the end. Afterall, the likelihood of someone else (whose opinion I trust) finishing it nowadays is great so I can find out if I should continue or not.

This is my entertainment after all, it seems silly to go too far in misery! The only real exception is if I’m watching with someone else, this can account for why I watched all of Banner of the Stars II and Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory among others.

So in general, when I finish a show it has a lot of meaning, personally. Something about the show was compelling enough to want to know how it ends; not merely want to say I finished it. With so many options, it only seems sensible for me.

What are your viewing habits?


2 thoughts on “Completing a Series

  1. relentlessflame says:

    Yes, I totally agree with this. I sort of wonder if this approach is inevitable as you get older and/or have less time to dedicate to your hobbies. Whatever time you do spend has to be worth it, so it favours a tendency to quickly discard whatever isn’t enjoyable to you, almost regardless of how much you “invested” thus far. I personally think this is probably the way to go anyway; I am often amazed to see people rant time after time about a series they stopped enjoying a long while ago. Sometimes I think some people watch certain anime just so they can be a voice of dissent, but I can only think “life’s too short.”

  2. stringedsonata says:

    I have the weirdest watching habits ever. For one thing, I cannot for the life of me watch anime one series at a time. If I do, I will get burnt out and not watch anything for weeks, maybe even months. I keep a list of 7 titles that vary in length and subject matter to bounce between. I’m also painfully slow in my watching. If I lose interest with something, I have this awful habit of deciding to put it on hold, then getting back to it lord knows when, if ever.

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