Fate/Zero TV #013: God the Author, Mankind the Actors, and Satan the Critic

The episode marks the end of season 1 of Fate/Zero. The show is going on a planned break for the winter and will not be back until April. I don’t think that the break could have come at a better time as someone who is episode blogging this series alone. If I were just watching this series for fun I could watch the second half right now and not break a sweat. But there is something tiring to me as I try as I do this episodes alone. If I did not absolutely love the material like I did I don’t think I could keep up with the schedule. I appreciate this little break so I can have my Saturdays free again for a bit before going back into the breech.

Caster and Ryuunosuke are clearly the villain characters of the series. Someone like Kayneth or Tokiomi might have unsavory methods and personalities but you can see how they view themselves as the heroes of their own stories.  But up until this point Ryuunosuke seems like someone who should be on the way to the store to pick up moustache wax. Evil moustache wax. But as Caster and Ryuunosuke look over the remain of their hidden base that was cleansed with some righteous fire they get into a bit of a philosophical debate. I think Gen Urobuchi saw that if he did not add a little depth to these two they would come off completely one-dimensional.

We have already seen that Caster believe that god is a cruel puppet master that hates humanity. Therefore any and all blasphemy is a strike again the evil overlord of mankind who cares not for man beyond his suffering. Ryuunosuke on the other hand has come off as quiet on the philosophical front finally lays out his worldview. In his opinion God loves man. But he loves man like an author loves his characters.  Good and evil are unimportant. What matters is the drama and power of your actions to entertain him. The louder and more bombastic your life the better. If you do good it must be legendary and if you do evil it must be as wretched. Everything is beautiful. The grander the action the greater it is regardless of its intent. This little conversation helps these two come off as a little more than just stock villains. They are still a bit cartoonish in their loathsomeness but at least they have a reason for it.

At the same time we tie up another mystery of motivation.  Rider and Waver step out on the town to do a little shopping. After Waver has a dream about the life of Iskandar he seems even more awkward than usual. Rider is a man of endless ambition, gusto, and bravado but lives for simple pleasures as well. Waver on the other hand seems a meek man whom lives for a more pretentious variety of petty and selfish wishes. If the grail summons a Servant that reflects the soul of his Master than why did these two miss-matched fellows come together.

Wow. If people did not think Waver was full of moe his little “Why do you  need pathetic little me?” speech pretty much sealed that title. Waver seems to wonder why someone as pathetic as him would get someone as powerful as Rider. Rider acknowledges that Waver might not be great now but that they both started off as small men. What matters if they both dream of things greater than themselves. They both reach beyond what others might consider in their grasp.  Rider lives for exploration and conquest. In a way so does Waver. Rider knows that if Waver lives through this war he has greater things ahead of him. This is just his first step to being a better man. And as he grows so shall his dreams.

The season ends Caster going all out by summoning what seems to be a star-spawn of Cthulhu to wreak havoc on the city. This abomination is being powered by Caster but as it starts to eat people it will be able to fuel itself. So Rider, Saber, and Lancer all agree to team up and destroy this thing while they can. They need to expose Caster at the center of the evil sea food platter and let Lancer’s magic destroying spear obliterate Caster’ grimoire and hopefully banish this beast before it is too late. Rider will attack from the air, Saber will attack from the water, and Lancer will wait on the shore for his chance to strike. Just as they go in battle we end season 1. I will note that like Jesus it seems that Saber can walk on the water and swim on the land.

Now THAT is a place to end a season. Lovecraftian kaiju, F-16s, and a battle royal with all the Servants and Masters all about to be unveiled. It gets you anticipating the day that season 2 starts with a triumphant return. They tied up a few loose ends with some good character moments but enticed you for the bloodshed that will come next season. April just can’t come soon enough. I will see you all again then. Until then let us just cross our fingers for a Fate/Hollow Ataraxia anime announcement and play some Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code. Cheers!


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