Building a Golden AGE


Now that the next generation of Gundam AGE has started I think Bandai has the ability to really build on what they started in the first third of the series. I know that there are still people complaining about this being baby Gundam and that accusation will never go away. In fact we did a whole article on how much of that statement is true and how much of it is the normal Gundam complaining. But I think they have a golden opportunity to add a little complexity to AGE to bring in otaku who had dismissed the show while not alienating the existing fan base. Here is my list of the top 5 things I would like to see out of the part two of Gundam AGE:

5. A Female Ace:

So far we have not had any notable female pilots in Gundam AGE besides Yurin who basically is a pilot for one episode against her will before getting the “Lalah Sune sendoff.” A good Emma Sheen or Roux Louka styled competent female pilot would probably win some fan to the series by her mere existence. Plus she could make a good romantic rival for Romary Stone.

4. A Broader Scope:

Despite the fact that there was a war going on the first leg of the story it was a fairly personal battle. It all centered around one ship and one crew with some help from some other ships near the end. I think that the second act would benefit from a great number of pieces of the Federation being involved. While that story can revolve around Diva seeing more of the other fleets would give a greater insight into how big this war has become. Gundam has always been about big wars and this series needs to start embracing the entire conflict now that we know the stakes involved.

3. Desil needs to get his comeuppance:

If you make someone as loathsome as Desil and then have them get away in the first part then the karma that hits him in the second part should be equally powerful. If he dies then his death should be grand like a Zabi family member and not something minor like the death of Jerid or Cronicle. If he lives he should have a fitting punishment like Katejina. But he can’t get be ignored, casually forgiven, or given a lazy off handed death. If you keep someone like him around you have to use hims and remove him correctly.

2. The Return of Grodek:

Grodek needs to get out of prison and make an Otcho style reappearance in the series about half way through this arc. The older fans loved Grodeck so seeing the grizzled old captain back in action would get them excited again. Throw him in a grungy old grunt suit and they may finally be happy. Plus Grodek busting heads and taking names would surely be awesome.

1. More Shades of Grey:

One of the constants of the Gundam franchise that any organization named the Federation is always a ponderous and corrupt bureaucracy more concerned with its own preservation than the safety of its people and AGE is no exception.  But the Veigans on the other hand are just bad guys. They were severely wronged by the Earth government but their reaction to this injustice puts them at a level of over the top evil. It does not help that Desil is a psychopath and Yark Dole was a fanatic. They need some Veigans to be a bit more sympathetic and nuanced or this just turns into a battle of white hats vs. black hats. Zeheart Galette is a good start but they need to flesh out the Veigans as a human enemy beyond just him. Also if they muddy up Flit and his obsession with defeating the Veigans while keeping him a likeable character that might add an unexpected depth as well. The attempt to present both sides of the conflict as neither hero or villains has been a hallmark of the series and would certainly help here.

What are you thinking?

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