Hayate the Combat Butler: A Butler Always Takes Care of Loose Ends


If you remember recently Hayte the Combat Butler went on a hiatus for short time. Kenjiro Hata made sure to mention that the break was not for health reasons or burn out. He just had a project he had to work on. But just before his time off started he mentioned that Hayate was 60% complete.

And then he recently asked his fans on twitter if they had any unresolved plot threads that they absolutely need to make sure get resolved before the manga ends. Reactions to this have generally been mixed whenever I bring it up. Everyone seems to appreciate an author who is dedicated to making sure as many plot threads get tied up in the end but most people also seem a bit worried that it means that the author also clearly does not remember half the things they wrote.

I, being a bit of a fanboy of Hata, I am going to assume the best of him. I have to wonder if he went on hiatus to sit down with his editor and carefully plot things out so they could wrap up all the niggling little details for the end of the series. It would be nice if we were all insane like Eiichiro Oda but I am sure that the weekly serialized schedule makes it easy to forget a plot thread or two. Even the best author and editor team will miss some minor point that an eagle-eyed nerd will remember as if rote.

Hata has repeatedly shown that he embraces social media platforms to interact with fans. You might as well use that encyclopedic database of otaku to see if there is anything important you overlooked in your grand strategy meeting.

As I am never one to shy away from giving my two cents I decided to make a list of the five most important loose ends that should be tied up by the Hayate ending. These are the little mysteries that could easily get shoved to the side but would annoy me if the go unresolved.

5. What is up with Yozora Housen? (Other than looking like she should be from Kannagi.)

She popped on the scene in chapter 285 as a rather mysterious character. She clearly has some connection to the whole King’s Jewel conspiracy as well as the Violet Mansion. She has magical power as she can summon robots, see ghosts, and throws around quite a bit of arcane terminology. Despite all of that we don’t really know much about her. Who is the mysterious person she works for? Why is she so interested in that picture of the 28th and what was on the missing half anyway?

4. What is Maria’s secret origin story? (Also what wonderful combination of genetics produced someone who is that stunning.)

We know that Maria was an orphan and supposedly adopted by Mikado after he found her abandoned in front of a church on Christmas Eve. But Mikado lying to people is hardly something new. Maria seems to have some link to Athena and the Royal Garden which are both connections you would not assume existed at first. The reason she was abandoned as a baby and why she can been seen by Athena in the Mirror of the Celestial Sphere are surely important pieces of the plot.

3. The death of Nagi’s parents. (And other heartbreaking tragedies.)

Nagi’s mother, Yukariko,  is clearly a mysterious character. A good deal of Mikado scheming is clearly related to some sort of mad attempt to resurrect his daughter making her a key to much of the actual core plot of Hayate. Also Hata has hinted that her death was not due to her illness as one would initially assume meaning there is clearly something else going on with her passing. Also what ever happened to Nagi’s father? We hardly know anything about him but he is surely someone important.  The fact that we know almost nothing about him or how he passed away in quite unusual.

2. Akane Himegami. (Is he a princess, a god, or both?)

Nagi’s old butler has always been one of the biggest mysteries in the series. At first it seemed like he left just because Nagi is so hard to deal with. As the series goes on we learn that he is involved with the King’s Jewel conspiracy and has ties to Athena.  It would be remarkably sloppy for him to appear before the ending.

1. What happened to Hayate’s family? (The good, the bad, and the despicable.)

Hayate’s parents clearly deserve some sort of comeuppance for all the horrible things they have done. They are responsible for almost all the tragedy in Hayate’s life but have not received the tiniest bit of punishment for their irresponsibility. They too are clearly characters who need to appear again during the finale. At the same time it is clear that not everyone in Hayate’s family is horrible. Hayate’s grandmother was shown to be worried for her grandson even after she passed away and was trying to correct the mistakes of her son. Hayate’s brother, Ikusa, has been show to be a standup guy who had to leave for unexplained reasons. As he has met and even greatly assisted Athena in the past so he clearly still has a vital role to play.

0. All the things I assume he would be utterly foolish not to tie up.

These are all things that I assume will be resolved but I just mention because sometimes people are silly. Clearly the mystery of the King’s Jewels and what they do has to be cleared by as the final arc of the story (or at least trigger the final arc of the manga). Also they better have the bomb between Nagi and Hayate finally go off so they can finally be a couple. I will accept no other ending than that one. Also Hinagiku has to get kicked to the curb so she can finally be with her one true love, Nishizawa (also known as Natutaki’s OTP).

There are other little details like what happened to Hinagiku’s parents or whatever Isumi did to traumatized Nagi so much that she is deathly afraid of the dark are important but not as important as these five issues. As long as the these are resolved I will be happy. Everything else is just gravy. I am curious if any fellow Hayate fans have an equally pressing issues they need answered from the end of the manga? If you could see one plot thread neatly tied up what would it be?

What are you thinking?

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