Make the Reverse Thieves Anime a Reality: Aniblog Tourney


Hello Everyone! Hisui and Narutaki here. We finally made it to the 4th round of the Aniblog Tourney! As promised, at every level of the tournament we will reveal something amazing. Now that we made it this far, we can unveil the secret project we have been working on behind the scenes for quite a while. It has been over a year of negations to get this all in place but we are now starting a most unusual Kickstarter with the latest bracket of the competition. The question is what are we raising money for?

The Reverse Thieves anime! That’s right. The dream of an anime based on the blog is finally close to a reality.


Conventional wisdom says that you can’t just call up Japan and get them to make an anime for you. While this is usually true, it is not necessarily a hard and fast rule if you have the right connections. Thankfully after working on the blog for almost five years we were able to make a deal to get the story of the Reverse Thieves made into an anime by studio Madhouse.

Through various contacts at Otakon, we were able to pitch our origin story (which we presented to you all in the last round of the Aniblog Tourney) to Masao Maruyama. And he loved it. Since then we have been in correspondence about the project. All the details are not set in stone but we finally have the authorization to talk about some of the things planned for the project.

The Reverse Thieves anime is set to be a 26-episode TV series. Takeshi Koike seems to be excited about directing the project. Takashi Takeuchi is set to do the original character designs. Gackt has talked about doing the opening song. We are currently in negotiations for Norio Wakamoto to play Narutaki, Rie Tanaka as Hisui, and Jouji Nakata as the Skeleton Key. The rest of the cast and crew is a secret for now but there are some other high profile names in consideration.

The plot of the anime will be the origin of the Reverse Thieves as outlined in the last Aniblog post. The first 2-part episode will be the meeting of Hisui and Narutaki and the bloody incident with the Skeleton Key. The middle episodes will be how Hisui and Narutaki learn to work together as they hunt down the ruthless killer that took so much away from both of them. The final arc will be the predestined showdown. Since the script has been written in advance, you don’t have to worry about the plot going off track due to a lack of planning.

We have everything in place. Now all we need is for you to show your support. Think of this as a proof of concept. The more support we get the clearer it is that people think this anime is a good idea. In fact, the organizers of the Aniblog Tourney have pledged to donate $100 for every vote we get for this round of the tournament. So if you either like our concept or just want to bankrupt the people running the tournament be sure to vote for us!

Pledge $10 or More
You earn the rank of Baker Street Irregular. This gets you listed in the credits of the anime. You get a digital copy of the first episode for free.

Pledge $50 or More
You earn the rank of Amateur Detective. This gets you listed in the credits of the anime. You get a digital copy of the first half of the series. You get a digital version of the soundtrack. You also get your choice of 1 of 5 pencil boards.

Pledge $100 or More
You earn the rank of Scotland Yard Detective. Everything above and the box set of the whole season plus digital copies of all the episodes. You get all 5 pencil boards and a Hisui and Narutaki figure set. You also get a Reverse Thieves t-shirt.

Pledge $500 or More
You earn the rank of The Watson. Everything above plus all 5 pencil boards are signed by us and the staff. Your figure set is the cast off versions.

Pledge $1,000 or More
You earn the rank of The Holmes. Everything above plus a Hisui or Natutaki hug pillow. Your likeness will be used as a victim, witness, or background detective in an episode.

Pledge $5,000 or More
You earn the rank of Reverse Thief. Everything above plus a hug pillow with both Hisui and Natutaki on it. Your likeness will be used as a mastermind or guest detective in an episode. We record us performing the End Song Dance and send you a copy.

Disclaimer: This is not for real.


10 thoughts on “Make the Reverse Thieves Anime a Reality: Aniblog Tourney

  1. krizzlybear says:

    If I donate $2,000, do I get both hug pillows? Will I get to be both a background detective *and* a murder victim at the same time? These are important questions.

    Good luck in the tourney. This is a fantastic blog, and I really enjoy how our match has been back and forth so far!

    • reversethieves says:

      Since it is totally made up you get whatever you want. You get all 3 hug pillows: The Hisui one, the Narutaki one, and one with Hisui and Narutaki on it.

      You can even have some sort of freaky deaky twincest hug pillow orgy at that point.

      You also get a magical cat that makes black holes on demand to crush your enemies and scroll of an ancient martial art that lets you predict the moves of your opponent.

      The sky is the limit!

      As for being background detective *and* a murder victim: Sure your a background detective in one episode so the audience can get to know you so it is sad when you are a murder victim in a later episode. That is just good TV.


      – Hisui

      • reversethieves says:

        While I still believe that there are original plots left out there are not that many of them. Even some of the greatest new titles are in many ways similar to something previous.

        But I am amused that it was a Japanese drama that had the same plot. I guess if my pitch were real I could just say, “It like like Drama X BUT ANIMATED!” That sounds like a solid plan.

        – Hisui

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