Crime Scene Investigations #003: AnimeNEXT 2012

This is a bonus segment of the Speakeasy Podcast we like to call Crime Scene Investigations. These are random bonus podcasts that we record live from various events. There is no regular schedule for these. We will put them up as quickly as we can when the opportunity for one occurs. We suspect they will mostly be from conventions but we might work in some interviews and conversation from NY events as fate allows.

In this edition of Crime Scene Investigations, we talk about our experiences on Sunday at AnimeNEXT 2012. The podcast contains the opinion of Hisui from this very blog (but no Narutaki who is too cool for you anyway), VamptVo and Ink from the AniGamers, and The Digital Bug from Reisen Goes to School by Bus all in one roundtable discussion. There are Bronies, Bluebirds, Interrupting Cows, and Rudolf von Stroheim. As always we have lots of good things to say as well as some constructive criticism.

Also seriously: What was up with people at panels this year? Is courtesy no longer common?

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Crime Scene Investigations #003: AnimeNEXT 2012


One thought on “Crime Scene Investigations #003: AnimeNEXT 2012

  1. matty manzarek (@matty_125) says:

    I like the Poltergeist-speaking effects on the show!

    Sadly, I checked the schedule for Anime Expo and we have a Homestruck panel as well :(
    I think AniMetal is having a concert at the same time, so I have an idea of where I’ll be!

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