Manga of the Month: Mushishi

Mushishi (蟲師) by Yuki Urushibara

Yuki Urushibara’s Mushishi showcases an ethereal quality in both artwork and storytelling. She draws you in and surrounds you so thoroughly that the journey feels close to your heart. It is sometimes eerie, sometimes enlightening, and always beautiful.

Mushishi is the tale of Ginko who travels the countryside searching for and helping those affected by unusual, spiritual creatures known as Mushi. These creatures are tied to the threads of life and nature and their effects on humans are varying. Most people cannot see Mushi and that is where Ginko comes in as he can interact with them.

Despite the supernatural elements, Mushishi is about humanity. Ginko seeks out those affected by Mushishi and we learn their story as he does. There are stories of loss, love, change, and pride; where people have been and where they wish to be; and the unlike road of living.

While Mushishi is episodic in nature, Ginko is the key element tying each new tale together. Ginko is not so much a passive observer as he may seem at the beginning and he has a story to tell us, too.

Mushishi is quietly compelling as it unfolds the human condition before you and highlights they mystery of nature.


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