New Josei Manga of 2012

Once I started working on the shojo list, it was only natural for me to move on to a josei list.

There is a distinct lack of information on a lot of the josei work coming out in Japan currently as opposed to new shojo titles. So while I am much less familiar with the many titles and manga-ka, there was still plenty that caught my eye. The list is not as crazy as the shojo one, but it is by no means short.

Ouhi Margot and Nanohana Really Hagio Moto is just plain amazing. It is really exciting to have her working on an ongoing series again. The setting of 16th Century French royalty and the French court only adds to my excitement. It would be fantastic if Fatangraphics picked this up. Her other release this near Nanohana is a collection of short stories.

Shin Jigen Ascension This science-fiction mystery centers around a CD that enhances the intelligence of its listeners but has also been linked to disappearances. Mizuki Watanabe has done many mystery manga but her only title that has been released in the U.S. is a comedy from Go Comi!

Torikae Baya This is from Chiho Saitou probably known in the U.S. as the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga artist but she has done so much more than that, plenty of historical and fantasy josei and shojo titles over the years. Torikae Baya is about a feminine prince and masculine princess and is described as a trans-gender story.

Meikoku no Kanon Supernatural fantasy series are Matsuri Akino’s bread and butter and Meikoku no Kanon is no exception. This one involves a world with 12 magical instruments which were given by the gods. Anyone who possess them may rule the world. A number of Ms. Akino’s works were brought over to the States by TokyoPop.

Itohen, Yokke Kazoku, and Gara Labo After concluding Bunny Drop Bangaihen at the end of 2011, Yumi Unita has been working on a number of things including starting two series. I like the look of Itohen most and I believe it is about fashion or tailoring from what I gather. Gara Labo is an essay-style comic about manga design which I’d love to read but will probably never get to. And finally Yokke Kazoku I sadly have no information about at all, not even a picture.

K – Memory of Red This is a simultaneous release with the current anime K. It follows the Red King’s story in world of psychic battles. I was pretty surprised this manga adaption is a josei work with a side story in seinen magazine. This is the first listed title for artist Yui Kuroe. You can check out the anime for free on Hulu.

Tomodachi Ijou This is from Suppli creator Mari Okazaki so even though the only thing I know about Tomodachi Ijou it is that it has a beautiful cover, I really want to read it.

Ginban Kishi A witch, a knight, and figure skating? I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued. There is also a romance evolving childhood friends, she is now an office lady and he has become a celebrity. This is by manga-ka Yayoi Ogawa best know for Tramps Like Us which I wasn’t a fan of but I’d be curious about this new work.

Wan Touch A one book dog manga from one of the Showa 24 Group, Michi Tarasawa. She also did a veterinary josei manga in the 2000s as well. There is another title, Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka, list for 2012 but no information about it.

Uta Koi Ibun – Uta Hen This is a parody manga of Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi by Kei Sugita creator of the original. Uta Koi is a series of stories based around ancient romantic poems and was turned into an anime earlier this year. Some of the parody manga was used as well in the anime. The anime streams on Crunchyroll for free if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

A Christmas Carol I like Christmas stories. This is an adaption of the classic tale done by manga-ka Bun Katsuta. Ms. Katsuta has done quite a few manga with period settings like Chikutaku Bonbon and she even did a manga adaption of the series Jeeves and Wooster!

Jellyfish Princess Gaiden: Barakura – Bara no Aru Kurashi While Jellyfish Princess is still an ongoing series, Akiko Higashimura did a short extra book of side stories this year. I sincerely thought the Jellyfish Princess proper manga would be released in English by now; I really loved the anime which you can watch on Hulu.

Chocolate Junkie This is on the list based purely on the cover and the title. Perhaps it is a manga all about chocolate and the girl searches out awesome delights across the world! The again it could just as easily be an office romance. Not sure really, Asahi Tsutsui’s body of works are quite varied including a manga called Kidou Senshi Gundam: G no Shokutaku.

Kagerou Days This sounds like a unique project, the manga is based on a Vocoloid song by Jin (Shizennoteki-p). There is also a music video. The comic follows a NEET boy and a girl who lives in his computer and is illustrated by Mahiro Satou.

Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no Traditional spirits and Japanese myths permeate this supernatural mystery by HaccaWorks and Nanao. Both the authors and the artist are fairly new as professionals. This is an adaption of a visual novel.

Tsukikage Baby This is a set of shorts which take place in a small traditional Japanese town is by Yuki Kodama who recently concluded her wonderful series Kids on the Slope. Another title that got an anime version earlier in 2012. And another one you can watch for free on Crunchyroll.

Kudoki – Shinyaku Kabukie Maki This is a historical romance one-shot from Ryo Yokobaba. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t had a series or collection yet, all the titles she’s done are short stories.

Halloween Tantei: Oz Williams Uh it is called Halloween Detective, of course I’m interested! Though Oz Williams sounds like a daytime talkshow host. Ame Chitose’s mystery manga is set in Victorian England furthering my desire to read it.

When I was taking a look at the list of titles for josei in 2012 there were a huge number of very straight romances in the Harlequin-type category which I ended up skipping over. A lot of those type of titles have been picked for released on JManga if others are interested.

Again, I’m not as familiar with josei works so what titles have you been keeping an eye on?

One thought on “New Josei Manga of 2012

  1. sdshamshel says:

    I found out recently that Hagio Moto’s Nanohana is actually a story related to the 3/11 disasters, while the other stories in the collection are metaphors where nuclear elements are personified as people. Maybe the connection to Fukushima would improve the chances of it getting licensed in English?

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