Manga of the Month: Laughter in the End of the World

Laughter in the End of the World (終末のラフター)
by Yellow Tanabe

This is Yellow Tanabe’s first serial, albeit a short one, since finishing up Kekkaishi. It follows a brother and sister as they wander an Earth which was inhabited my demons many years before after a great disaster.

When we meet Luca and Haru they are entering a town which is being tormented by a demon living in the hills who demands sacrifice. Luca bears the mark of a demon on his cheek but he also hunts them and offers his service to the mayor.

There is a lot of darkness in this series which is enhanced by creative monster designs and Ms. Tanabe’s excellent use of black and shadow. The secrets of the world definitely have an horror-edge to them and in such a short format most of them remain steeped in mystery which has its own allure.


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