The Speakeasy #040: Ladies Night, Women of UC Gundam

Drink #040: Ladies Night
Women of UC Gundam

There is a lot for fans of the Universal Century to celebrate this month: the 34th anniversary of the original Gundam series, the re-release of the first book of Gundam: The Origin in English, and the release of the 6th episode of Gundam Unicorn. In that spirit, we has decided to look at the women in the original Gundam universe. That means the good, the bad, and the awesome when it comes to the female characters of Gundam. Everyone from Emma Sheen to Nina Purpleton to Shakti Kareen. We left the various women of the AU Gundam lines for another day.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Ladies Night

2 oz strawberry vodka
1 cup 7-Up
3 oz fruit juice
Chill all ingredients. Add together in a beautiful champagne glass and share with the ladies.

5 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #040: Ladies Night, Women of UC Gundam

  1. 安堵竜 (@VF5SS) says:

    Guys I’m enjoying this podcast and I’m gonna let ya finish, but the Loran thing just mutated out of some weird rumor and when you go back and see early designs for the character he was always going to be a boy.

    Crossdressing is just something Tomino thinks is funny as evident by it showing up his past works like L-Gaim and ZZ Gundam and even as far back as Daitarn :3

      • 安堵竜 (@VF5SS) says:

        Anyways, great podcast! I was really feeling Kate’s love for Emma. It is certainly well deserved!

        With regards of your discussion of how a female main character in Gundam could still push merchandise by virtue of being really awesome in the show, for what it’s worth the Muv-Luv franchise kind of does that. The franchise’s main spokesmecha is generally only piloted by women who are in a position of authority and is considered the height of that world’s technological prowess. It’s sort of like almost every female character has a Gundam and is in charge and is really competent. And people do buy that robot for the female characters associated with it. Granted it’s probably more like how Saber is super popular since they’re both visual novel based franchises than say how Gundam does things.

      • reversethieves says:

        WHAT? Saber is really popular and people constantly buy stuff related to her? Are you SURE that is a real phenomenon? I don’t think so.

        – Hisui

  2. VichusSmith says:

    I feel like if you had to pull a trap on Gundam fans just to get a female lead into the series, then you’re basically saying we live in the 80s. This isn’t Doctor Who, or James Bond, where you can make a strong argument as to why the character must remain male.

    People talk a good game when they claim “X change to this series turned me off” but internet chatter and sales figures aren’t always in proportion. Sometimes people are just blowing hot air.

    If you had a female Gundam lead, people would hate it, scream and shout; but if you are uber Gundam otaku level, you’re probably going to stick with it. Also, if the show was actually good, then the outcry would die down quick.

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