The Speakeasy #041: Con Hangover, Survive the Con

Drink #041: Con Hangover
Survive the Con

With con season on the brain, we realized we’d never really done a con survival guide for the podcast. And the con survival we’d done for the blog is now years old so we hope we have at least learned a few new things since then. So get hyped for con season as we delve out advice on potential convention options, running panels, avoiding bootlegs in the Dealers Room, and much more. Dave from ANN’s Astro Toy helps out in our Dealers Room segment about bootlegs, too!

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Con Hangover

2oz Gin        
1oz Irish Cream        
1oz Scotch        
2oz Vodka   

Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves.


3 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #041: Con Hangover, Survive the Con

  1. Ed Sizemore says:

    Great podcast. Here are a couple pieces of advice, I’d like to offer.

    1) Food. I recommend getting peanut butter crackers to carry around with you during the con. They have protein and complex carbohydrates, so they are a good source of nutrition and energy. You can usually get a pack of 8 at the grocery store for $3 or $4.
    Also, cereal bars are good for breakfast and snack. If you get the kind with chocolate they can satisfy your sweet tooth too.
    I like to bring cans of spaghetti-o or mini raviolis. Just make sure they have pop-top lids. Usually you can get them on sale for $1/can.
    I also carry around some of the pouches for flavoring water from Crystal Light and Kool-Aid. Keeps me from getting bored with just water.

    2)Panels. Please be sure you know how to hook up your lapto/tablet to a projector. Not just the cables, but how to convert to overhead/dual display mode. Practice it and make a cheat sheet too. I’ve been to too many panels where the first 5 minutes is getting visuals to work.
    Also, bring your own cables and adapters. Especially, if you’re using an Apple product. Even big cons like Otakon don’t have enough spares for everyone. Plus it takes away from your time waiting for someone from Panel Ops to bring a cable or adapter.
    Finally, have everything you need to run your panel loaded on your laptop/tablet. You can’t rely on convention center wi-fi or even your own personal hotspot. Even when they do work, they work slowly. So don’t have your Power Point loaded to Google Docs. Put on your hard drive. Also, don’t try to download audio, video, or webpages during your panel. For webpages have screen shots saved to your hard drive.

  2. jrockfreak says:

    I recently applied for a panel at a small con in my area, so ill be using the tips you guys mentioned. thanks!

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