REPOST – The Speakeasy #009: The Bloody Caesar, Anime Licensing and the Future

Drink #009: The Bloody Caesar,
Anime Licensing and the Future

The U.S. anime market of 2000 was clearly not the same market of 2010 no matter how much some people would like that to be the case. A lot about how anime is brought over to the U.S. has changed in the last few years. We talk about how we got to this point and then at the myriad of ways the remaining companies are innovating to respond to these trends. Which of these new methods of distribution will be able to coexist and which will die out? Whose licensing methods will pick profitable shows and who is still picking Rozen Maiden and Heat Guy J style bombs? And most importantly who thought that picking up Blessing of the Campanella was a good idea?

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

The Bloody Caesar

6 oz. Clamato Juice
1½ oz. Vodka
2 Dashes Hot Sauce
2 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
Celery salt
Freshly Ground Pepper
Lime/Lemon wedge
1 Crisp Celery Stalk

Served on the rocks in a highball class. Rim the glass first with a lime wedge and then with celery salt.


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