The Speakeasy #047: Witches’ Brew, Crunchyroll & Kodansha Manga Project

Drink #047: Witches’ Brew
Crunchyroll & Kodansha Manga Project

It was a red-letter day when Kodansha USA announced its partnership with Crunchyroll to launch a manga streaming section along side CR’s popular anime site through a subscription model. With a dozen titles available upon launch and a totally of 50 promised by mid-2014, everyone was ready to dive in to the new project including us. We spent the month using and reading manga on CR so we have praise and problems to address as well as our long request list of manga to be added.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Witches’ Brew

  • 1 package of lime gelatin
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 3 cups chilled pineapple juice
  • 2 liter bottle of Sprite or ginger ale
  • 2 cups of vodka

Put gelatin into a large bowl. Stir in the water until the gelatin is dissolved. Once the gelatin is completely dissolved, pour in the other ingredients. Let it cool to room temperature and you’re ready to serve.



3 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #047: Witches’ Brew, Crunchyroll & Kodansha Manga Project

  1. MangaCast says:

    Live-responding while listening:

    5:00: LOL… No one in my office ever thought Drops of God was gonna be a thing.

    5:45: Westerns… Hmm, even Moyoco Anno tried it.

    6:12: Green Blood… Maybe. But that series was cut off at the knees in Japan for the same reason. Peeps in Japan like the costumes, kinda like how Katy Perry is a weeaboo and likes that aesthetic, but Japanese fans don’t understand the themes.

    7:14: LOL… Space Bros. If it ever breaks out, Kate can slap me at the start of a panel of her choice. I mean the anime has already gone into obscurity on both sides of the Pacific. Even more so in the US where peeps are dying from what I consider the good parts (the training parts).

    10:00: LOL… Piracy isn’t the reason this was done. But, you can believe that, Alain.

    10:45: Good point on the subscription service. Especially if you know more of the background.

    11:17: Shonen Jump is definitely the same thing. And the back-catalog for Kodansha well… I hope you get to it later cause it isn’t as simple.

    12:15: Great point on the big SJ titles.

    12:50: Thanks for reminding peeps this is a Kodansha project.

    15:45: Affiliation!! Great point! Let’s see where this goes. But this is a Kodansha project. It is funded by them…so far.

    17:20: Alain, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’ll happen at some point with Sunday titles.

    18:20: Your discussion about popular titles is interesting. This whole project is to figure out what to print. I hope that’s obvious.

    26:20: Discovery is interesting but a chapter is discovery. Come back next week you can discover more. There should be driver for people to subscribe. There should also be motivation to purchase books.

    27:35: Quality… Hmm. I am not sure about that.

    28:05: HAH!! Color. I wonder if that’ll change. There are costs to that. Hmmm…

    28:30: Actually it does cost more. The files themselves cost more. The uploading might not, but paying the authors for those pages does. (as mentioned in my licensing panels)

    29:45: Suzuka…Yeah. I guess, but that was also dropped in the US. That author is popular in Japan though. (do i see a pattern)

    31:00: J-Manga [insider information only]… Yeah.

    33:00: BURN!!! Wow, I guess you haven’t checked their Tumblr over the last year.

    35:50: LOL… No this is a loss leader like crazy. But the sales differences, won’t be seen for months if not maybe a year or so.

    36:45: YES. If the demand is there. That point has been made public already.

    58:15: LOL… But the truth is that CR is getting readers because of AoT. This point you made is hypocritical since you made he opposite point at the beginning.

    59:00: Hmm…I wonder if all the sexual harassment and abuse is cool but you know, whatever. I like the manga too, but I was surprised to see this being so violent sexually.

    1:02:45: Not exactly frame for frame…the first episode is very different and is padded.

    1:09:00: While a cute idea, at this point the idea is just about current titles. However, who knows maybe the old Del Rey titles that went to J-Manga will show up here at some point.

    1:09:45: Heh… I knew it was coming since NYCC. But you know…jobs.

    1:10:20: 87 Clockers is not even a Kodansha title. It’s a Jump title. YES a JUMP title.

    1:12:00: Sports titles… Possible. But I doubt Giant Killing would be priority, but things could change.

    1:12:30: F-YOU!! Moyoco Anno is ours, you freaks!!!! (Just Kidding) But still how inconsiderate of you two to not even recall who she works with.

    1:14:55: Nah, Billy Bat is available. I wouldn’t be shocked to see it at some point.

    1:18:00: Phoenix Wright has been out so long, haven’t you had a chance to see a copy in the store to sample??

  2. jrockfreak says:

    The Crunchroll Manga is cool, but I more than likely wont use it because i am just not a fan of reading manga digital.

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