Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! #005: Bath Time Fun for Everyone

\hisui_icon_4040 Before we begin I would like to mention to anyone attending Otakon that I will be running a panel about the themes of Fate/Stay Night on Saturday. The panel is called “The Measure of a Man. The Nature of a Hero: A Fate/Stay Night Panel (18+)” and it will be in panel room 6 at 1 AM. I have a feeling that most of the people reading this post before the panel takes place will not be people attending Otakon but I figured it was worth a shot. If nothing else I will give a little report on how the panel went next week in this same space.

But enough shameless plugging, let’s get to the fact of the matter: nakedness. There is quite a bit of nakedness. Some of it is quite impressive. Some of it is quite BL. The rest of it is sort of creepy. They even manage to sneak in some story. But mostly near the end. Because that is how 2wei! rolls.

Due to a training mishap (and Hiroshi Hiroyama’s inability to go to long without drawing nudity) the Einzbern family has to go across the street to freshen up. This leads to a confrontation with a naked Kuro and then finally an end to the armistice. When Kuro tries to win of Miyu to her cause will she be persuaded to betray her friend? Is Illya really her friend in the first place?

So Illya is getting into fighting form because she knows that eventually she is going to have to fight Kuro. Hopefully not to the death but that is not out of the question. This results in a hole blow in the bathroom which makes the trip to the Edelfelt estate necessary. Since Luvia’s end goal has always been naked Shero in her home she welcomes them to use her luxurious bath.  It is not exactly what she wanted but a step closer none the less. This leads to lots of naked time and a few jokes around the fact that Leysritt is the oppai queen whereas Sella is more like Saber.

Poor Rin gets mega embarrassed when Shiro sees her as a maid. Still less embarrassing than Akiha Tohno’s outfit at the school festival.

Sadly for Shiro he does not get to bathe with Rin and Luvia. He instead spends his time with Auguste the butler. Their scenes are oddly sexual in the way that you expect him to “test” if he is a worthy man to be with Luvia. (That test would involve his penis.) I would swear this is BL bait but I can’t see that many fujoshi flocking to watch PRISMA ILLYA despite what some dorks think happened to the fandom after Fate/Zero. But if there was a sort of serious BL fandom they have finally got their episode.

But Illya soon finds that there is an unexpected guest in the master bathroom in the form of her darker counterpart. Kuro makes a little trouble but eventually Ilya puts her down and is able to get Leysritt and Sella out of the room so they can confront the mischief-maker.

I have to say that everyone in the Einzbern family easily accepts that Illya can change skin tone on the drop of a hat. I suppose Illya having a tanned Doppelganger is equally weird but they should realize something is up. While they don’t have to jump to the correct but outlandish answer they should merely be looking for some sort of explanation.

But that would not be as funny.

Rin and Luvia realize something is up and their first three guesses are all Kuro. They are right on the money. Since everyone is naked they hope that Kuro might be a little more open than usual. While Kuro finally confesses that she has control of the Archer card she still refuses to state why she wants to kill Illya. In a way she is like the girlfriend who wants her SO to realize what they did wrong instead of telling them what they did wrong. Kuro wants Illya to realize her crime against her.

It seems like it is just going to be another mysterious exchange but Illya inadvertently hits Kuro’s berserk button when she mentions that if she had one wish she would ask for a normal life again. This time it makes Kuro mad enough that she seems to be willing to face annihilation just to kill Illya. In a way it seems she has given up on the idea of killing Illya and still living. If she is going to die she might as well take the object of her anger with her.

Kuro realizes she is outgunned and takes off but it is clear that any truce they had is over. Kuro is back into the hunt full-time.

The next day at school Miyu and Illya decide that Kuro won’t attack at school so they might as well return to their regular lives and worry about Kuro when she makes her plans known. But it seems that Tatsuko is on a rampage. She still wants to go to the beach and Illya’s birthday cannot come fast enough. After Tatsuko is proven to be calmed like a bird with a cloth over its cage the more sane members of the Gang of Four remind Illya and Miyu about their ocean side plans. But Illya is thrown off when everyone asks Illya to pass along an invitation to Kuro.  It seems while she is a major pest they have grown to like the pink haired brat.

You can see the conflict on Illya’s face. She clearly can’t tell her friends that she might have to kill Kuro but that is not all of it. In a way she too would like Kuro to be part of the group but Kuro’s grudge refuses to let her take her place where she belongs and is loved.

The question is can that place be as Kuro or must she take Illya’s role to survive?

Miyu breaks off from Illya after school when she finds a letter in her locker. Unfortunately the note is not a confession from a cute guy. It seems that Kuro has a proposal for Miyu.

When they meet by the ocean it seems that Kuro wants to seduce Miyu over to her side. But before Kuro can spill out her back story Miyu makes it clear that she refuses to be anyone’s Judas. How convenient for the suspense of the plot that Miyu cuts her off that way. In Miyu’s defense Kuro is being a bit of a creeper. If you want to win someone over to your philosophy then don’t teleport around them and show off the superiority of your projection magic like you were a PUA.

It is worth noting that Miyu seems shocked by the water as if she comes from a place without oceans. Clearly Miyu is actually the reincarnation of Lin from Fist of the North Star. It would explain her lack of emotions.

When flash does not work Kuro goes for a different psychological attack. She tries to convince Miyu that Illya is not really her friend. If Illya wants a normal life so badly that means a life without Kuro and a life without Miyu. Clearly Miyu is not a normal girl. If Illya gets exactly what she claims she wants that means no more of any crazy powered people. Technically that would probably mean EVERYONE she knows outside of the Gang of Four (including her parents) but Kuro does not exactly know that. Miyu quickly shakes off any doubts knowing that Illya would never kick out her best friend from her life. If Kuro is an enemy of Illya than she is also an enemy of Miyu. The Saber card is out so Kuro no longer has the Archer advantage.

At the same time Ruby is actually helpful. I guess she is in the Akiha path mode and not in the Kohaku path mode. Ruby helps Illya realize that Kuro’s problem is that she seems to constantly be asking for her clone to be wiped from existence whether she realizes it or not. But as soon as she realizes her sin she also learns that Miyu and Kuro are engaged in combat. She starts to rush to the battle hoping that her realization can save all three girls.

While it has not been explicitly said the big revelation is finally out there. While Illya is still not sure what she can do to stop Kuro without killing her she at least knows where to start asking questions. But clearly there will be some fighting before any real answers are found.

But no matter how bad things get the preview makes it clear: The big guns are coming.

– Alain



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