Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! #008: Bazett – The Professional

hisui_icon_4040 She has arrived! The best part of the whole darn series is finally on-screen and doing her thing. It you were getting a little tired of Illya and Chloe fan service than the Irish brawler is here to blast away those blues with an earth shattering Multi-Reverse Punch.

But for anyone who is worried that this is just going to become a pure shonen battle show remember that the beach episode is on the horizon. There will be girls in swimsuits soon enough. But until then we have Bazett rocking the house with roundhouse kicks and rune magic.

Also if your really into the fanservice your probably not reading this and instead looking at episode reviews where the first picture is always of Chloe’s taint. We here are Reverse Thieves hold our commentary to a higher standard. We hold out for at least Sella’s taint at the minimum.

You should never compromise when it comes to that.

This is the eye of the storm. With Chloe being far less homicidal things have turned out right peaceful now. But all the problems from before are still there. The ley lines in the area are still out of whack and the Mage’s Association is still demanding answers about the cards and Fuyuki City. So while things start with clear skies the coming tempest begin its downpour when Bazett arrives at the Edelfelt mansion. Bazett is on a mission and no one is going to get in her way.

It might be easy to forget but Luvia and Rin actually have a job other than babysitting magical girls. They are actually supposed to be figuring out what is wrong with the city. Now that Chloe is less of a problem (she still has the Archer Card in her which will SURELY never be a dangerous predicament down the line) they can get back to trying to figure out why the energy in the city is still majorly messed up.

But before then they have to babysit a much older handful. It seems that Irisviel has come to see how her two daughters are doing but she wants to see how they are actually up to as opposed to the cover story they think she wants to hear. At first Luvia and Rin want nothing to do with this stealth mission, mixed with an escort mission, centered around such an airhead. But then Luvia remembers that Irisviel  is Shiro’s mother. She is then a fountain of “totally selfless” generosity and Rin is mostly pulled along in the rip current as well.

I know that it is a trope of anime, and fiction in general, but does anyone personally know a relationship that has started when someone won over the parent of their romantic interest? I’m sure it has happened but I feel like a parent is not the most the best angle of attack if you’re trying to gain someone’s interest. I would assume mutual friends would be a better choice. Parents seem either like unproductive, uneconomical, or simply counterproductive people to tray an impress. You usually try to win over the parents after you are dating. Does Luvia assume that Shiro is so much of a mama’s boy that the best path to dating him is through Irisviel?

You really have to improve your image Shiro.

While being really bad Solid Snake imitators (aka Raiden) we learn a few things. Firstly Illya and the gang should probably be a little more self-aware because they constantly miss a trio of really bad ninjas. Two, that Irisviel is a pretty strong manipulator who knows how to speak softly and carry a big stick (that is probably wielded by a giant monofilament wire glove.) Third, that Taiga has a good danger sense but poor perception. Four, Chloe is possibly the only good scout in the group because she actually observant.

Eventually Chloe chases off the three observers is a cute storm of huffiness that surely won her some fans (if the making out with girls did not already do that for her). It seems while she might still be a little resentful of being sealed away she still loves her mama.

In the end Irisviel leaves not really revealing any cards in her hand. She is clearly content that Illya and Chloe are somewhat adjusted and coexisting but her words have a tinge of foreboding. It is clear that she is all to aware that there are darker things to come. She is happy they are living a peaceful life but she knows it is coming to and end soon.

Also Miyu has some very strange taste in art.


Despite all the shenanigans the task at hand will not solve itself. So Rin goes on a bit of a solo mission to try a new method of discovering where the mana blockage in town is now that they are not on high alert. While we don’t know exactly what she discovers it is very clear that she is disturbed. Whatever is going on is much worse and more far along then they ever imagined.

It is just me or does that pattern that burns the cloth remind anyone else of Tawrich and Zarich?

But Rin does not get to pass along this information because the Edelfelt residence has an uninvited guest. It seems that Bazett has been assigned to retake the cards at any price necessary. As the woman who caught the Lancer and Archer cards she is no casual enemy. Auguste and Luvia try to expel Bazett but they are no match for her. A mixture of martial arts, modern weaponry, and magic don’t even phase the intruder The fact that Bazett was one of the few humans that could fight a servant hand to hand is proven here repeatedly. Thankfully we get some nice fight scenes that the series has been lacking despite even Chloe’s presence in Season 2.

I am a little surprised that Auguste uses machine guns and grenades. Clearly the Edelfelt family does not have the stereotypical Kayneth style disdain for technology.

Miyu’s dogged dedication to getting her master’s specific snack from 7-11 is what makes sure that she is not in the mansion when WWIII breaks out. (But the way the Steak Lover’s Potato Chips from 7-11 are the snack to get to win favor with Kate.) One wonder how much Miyu could have changed the tide of the battle with her presence.

Rin on the other hand happens upon the fight but sticks to the shadows. It is clear to her while Luvia is not losing at the point when she arrives she also will not win. More importantly just them randomly teaming up will just mean that they both take longer to die. Her hope is to try and catch Bazett at some point when she is just off balance enough that a surprise attack would actually be effective. Sadly with war machine like Bazett that is not very often.

While they put up a good fight the team up of magic and the mundane are no match for Bazett. Her marital arts mastery mixed with runic magic mean that casually fired bullets and spells (even in tandem) are just annoyances to an Enforcer. While Auguste goes down when he runs out of ammo it buys Luvia enough time to get to her treasure vault.

Bazett seems a little disappointed that Luvia does not bring out the rumored big guns of  a gift from Zelretch the Wizard Marshall. Luvia informs her that the real surprise is the treasure room is more of an armory since all the gems inside are weapons for her. But all the heavy firepower in the world is mere bravado if you can hurt or even push back your target. This causes Luvia to try a last ditch suicide maneuver with a point blank explosion.

If Illya and the gang of four was clueless in the day time then Chloe is distinctly unobservant when it comes to noticing disturbances in the force when it comes to magical events. Despite Illya’s constant bad feelings Ruby and Chloe dismiss her as just being filled with her normal amount of CCS Hoe. But eventually even Chloe can hear the Delicate Sound of Thunder from across the street. When they finally open the gate that breaks the illusion of the grounds being fine to outsiders they find a sea of fire inside. It seems Bazett is unharmed and very much aware that they are not civilians.

Can the daughters of Irisviel do any better than their senpai?

YES! I am so glad to see Bazett in action. She is distinctly one of the more unappreciated Type-Moon characters. Even Sakura gets more love than her. Even Ceil and no one but me likes Ciel. To see her get to be a proper ass kicker was delightful plus it came at just the right time. We have had a fairly long stretch of antics so getting back to the meat of the story was refreshing. It can’t wait to see it carry over to the next episode.

Team Illya is going to have a lot to answerer for.

– Alain


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