Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! #010: Himatsubushi-hen

hisui_icon_4040 It seems that I have finished another season of Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. I have to say I’m glad that this season was only 10 episodes as it gives me some time to rest before I dive into episode reviews of Unlimited Blade Works in only a few weeks.

Overall this season felt a lot more segmented when it came to fan service and action. The first season distinctly had points of extreme fan service and periods of exciting action but something about this season felt a little more like A (like the A in T&A) episodes mostly focused on A and B (for battle) instead spent their time giving you B. I suppose that was a good thing for people who really wanted one or the other but I did like the smoother mix in the last season. It did not help that some of those early yuri tease scenes were a bit gratuitous. If I never see another porn kiss in this series my life will the all the richer for that.

But this season finally let Bazett have her time to shine so if the show never does anything good again it at least did one very good thing. It is one thing to have a fan following due to your appearance in the visual novel but once you’re in an anime your potential fan base increases ten fold. We might actually see the Master of the Multi-Reverse Punch get some love in the form of figures and guest appearances in the future. It could save her from being forgotten in the Caster heap.

Bazett seems like an invincible kung-fu magic juggernaut. She easily defeated Auguste, Luvia, Rin, Chloe, and Illya with breaking that much of a sweat. Miyu also learns that using a Noble Phantasm is suicide as well. Is there anyway to stop this purple haired combat munchkin? And if they can defeat her there are still those pesky Ley Lines and the eldritch wizardry that lies at the heart of the disruption to deal with.

Miyu learns what a fearsome weapon Fragarach can be if you don’t know how it works. The original Fragarach does not operate like the one in the Type-Moon universe. Manannan mac Lir’s sword prevented people from lying, could control the wind, and cut through any armor. Those were some pretty nifty powers all in all but the one that Bazett owns is more based on the sword in the D&D supplement module The Temple of Elemental Evil. This weapon activates when anyone uses their most powerful attack and rewinds time so the sword strikes with a deadly attack just before the opponent can use their trump card. It is a situational weapon that works really well against someone going all out to fight you but is mostly just another sword otherwise. It feels like a trap card. If you know it is there it can be easy to avoid but if you don’t it is devastating.

It would be a doomsday weapon for any villain in a shonen fighting anime. You could kill any army of Shonen Jump heroes with the Answerer power.

Miyu is fortunate to be using the Rider card. Any other hero’s Noble Phantasm would have killed her. Since Rider’s most powerful attack is via a mount it attacked the mount instead of her. If that was not the case Miyu would be missing one heart which most people need to get through the day. That does mean that the Pegasus that Miyu summoned totally had its heart speared out of it like it was fighting Mola Ram but that happens off screen. We just see Miyu tumble to the ground and then Rider card get uninstalled.

While she is alive Bazett then totally curb stomps the injured Miyu like she was a puppy or baby seal foolishly blocking the path of Boa Hancock.

This means that Bazett now has six of the seven class cards and all that is left is the Archer Card. But that is still in Chloe who is not doing that well. When the battered Kuro says that the card is in her Bazett says she will gladly remove the card with he bare hands in the most messy way possible if need be. Illya knows that it is not a casual bluff from Bazett. While the Enforcer is honorable she can be quite viciousness in the pursuit of her goals.

It is clear that with everyone injured no one can defeat Bazett on their own. But if they stop attacking like Mito Kōmon villains they might actually stand a chance so Illya, Chloe, and Miyu make a desperate joint attack with some unexpected but essential back up from Luvia and Rin from the underground.

The plan seems to be for Illya to get close enough to Bazett to install one of the Class Cards. Illya tries to catch Bazett with her materialized mana stars at the same time Chloe attempt to strike when Bazett is slightly off-balance due to all the dodging. The thing is Bazett already knows how that trick works. She never gives either of them a big enough opening to take advantage of.

Bazett soon decides that the cat and mouse game is taking too much time and just creates a small earthquake by striking the ground Hulk style to create a smoke screen of dust so she can tell where her opponents are through her other senses but leaves the magical girls wandering around in the dark. It looks like Chole might be able to find a break in the chaos but she merely does Bazett some superficial damage and in turn opens herself up to a bone breaking hit in the mean time. At the same time this feint allows Illya to get close enough to install an unknown card from the captured deck.

At first Bazett is unconcerned. No matter what the installed card neither of the magical girls are strong enough to defeat her no matter what they choose. Then the real plan is revealed. The card was not supposed to be device that delivers the final blow. It is just another feint as Ruby installed the Assassin Card so that he non magicalIllya could get behind then warrior woman and activate a seal on her neck. But even then the JoJo’s style levels of counters and counter-counters is not enough on their own. It took Rin’s previous sniping and Luvia’s timely Gandr shot to enable Illya to complete her strategy. As it turns out what seemed like am ineffectual attack from Rin was able to plant a blood seal on Bazett like she did on Chloe. Now any pain experienced by Illya will be shared by Bazett.

While that might seem like checkmate Rin quickly realizes that it is going to take some fast talking to keep this plan going. Thankfully for the plan Miyu is able to prevent Bazett from striking Illya so no one knows exactly how effective the blood seal is. Bazett does feel some of Illya’s pain so she knows the seal is working but she unaware how well it is working. Rin who popped out from underground knows that the hastily made seal can’t transfer enough damage to kill Bazett but she has to bluff that it does. It quickly becomes apparent while Bazett realizes that the seal will hamper he she is willing to bet that if she just does enough damage to Illya to knock her out she can fight off any nonlethal stun the seal would give her.

So Rin has to pull out the last remain Ace in her sleeve which is her research into the poor mana flow in the area. Rin not only has found what is blocking the Ley Lines she has discovered it is a previously unknown eighth class card.  This knowledge in enough to make Bazett end her attack if for nothing else so she can report back to the Mage’s Association for updated orders.

So while they could not beat Bazett they did win. As long as everyone is alive (especially the extremely endangered Chloe) they accomplished the only goal that they needed to and that is what counts. Heck, they were even able to get half of the card from Bazett which is more than they expected.

And so things calm down a bit. Bazett is still a threat but at least she is a threat that is not going to kill them at the moment. Rin and Luvia now know there is an 8th card and that it was hard to see because it is buried deep underground. While it will take some time to dig a path to the mysterious card which gives them time to prepare.

At first it seems that Rin and Luvia might have learned to work together and be friends but it seems they are now just better at hiding their loathing and scheming. It is distinctly progress.You can just argue if that is progress whether or not that progress is either forwards or backwards.

Miyu’s mysterious past comes up again in a seemingly minor throw away flash back. It seems more than everyone else she is extremely shocked that there is an eighth card. Everyone else reacts to the news as if they were given a particularly interesting Snapple fact on their bottle cap. Miyu on the other hand reacts to the news like her parents told her she was adopted. It cuts into everything she knows to be true.

More proof that Miyu knows more about the cards and the Holy Grail War than she lets on.

After that we get a montage of things returning to normal. Illyasviel smooths over any troubles at home with some motherly hand waving. At school everyone mainly just seems excited to go on the Triple Birthday Beach adventure. You just know they keep bringing up because the author want to reassure the audience that he has not forgotten the promise of a shameless service episode (episodes?). Other than that most of it seems to be running out the clock with cuteness. Since it did not take that long to fight Bazett into a stalemate there is quite a bit of a school life montage with everyone from Shiro to Tatsuko. It is really supposed to reinforce this being the eye of the storm before the 8th card but you know that idea is going to continue for a while in the next season before they get back to the fighting.

Also was Miyu always this clearly into Illya and I was just ignoring it or was it always this blatant?

This last part is mostly a bit of a heart to heart between Illya and Chole. In a way the scene is important as it is one of the few ways this feels like the end of a season as opposed to a pause. Without this nothing about the Ley Line has been resolved, Bazett is still on the war path, and Miyu still remains as mysterious as before. Nothing of mystery of the cards has been solved.

But Illya and Chole resolve the wish in Illya’s heart. Before she wanted a return to a peaceful life in which she unknowingly was rejecting Miyu’s friendship and Chloe’s existence. But through the battles and the growing sisterly bond Illya (and Chloe) is realizing that she can have deep connections with the supernatural while still enjoying a bit of serene existence from time to time. These desires are not mutually elusive. They are just hard to juggle and manage but it can be done so they don’t cancel each other out.

So I guess this was not totally the Time Killing Chapter.

And so the announcement for Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ​​Illya Zwei Hertz was dropped. I was curious how the naming for the next leg of the story would be. They can’t jump ahead to Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei! because that represents another big change to the story. I was wonder if it was going to be Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Part 2 or Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei.5! but they want to just adding heart at the end.

Considering who the 8th card is that does seem like a rather cruel reference to Illya’s fate in Unlimited Blade Works.

That said whoever could the ominous 8th card be?  If there was only a secret 8th Servant who was in the original Fate/Stay Night that could provide clues who this new character will be? Or a character in the end card scene whose profile that looks curiously like the little blond boy version of a character from Fate/Follow Ataraxia. It shall be a mystery until 2015.

Its Gilgamesh. King of Heroes. If you don’t know that you have not been paying attention to Type-Moon and I’m not exactly sure why you are reading these summaries.

– Alain


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