10 thoughts on “Reverse Thieves Summed Up in 5 Panels

    • reversethieves says:

      Before I say anything else I would like to state that Reverse Thieves clearly has a dedicated reader base that we appreciate. There are a few dozen people that regularly read the blog, listen to what we say, and appreciate our hard work. We love them and are the reason we continue to write.

      The main problem is I feel like people in small circle are extremely aware of our work which can make it seem like we are more popular than we are. I would call something like Glass Reflection anime reviews, Metanorn, or Anime World Order what I would call popular. They are movers and shakers. They get invited to conventions as guests. To make a musical analogy they are playing sold out concerts while we still mostly play airport bars and seedy warehouses gigs.

      I mean Glass Reflection makes $2,499.21 per month via Patreon. If we tried the same thing I think we might be able to raise 40 dollars a month (if we hustle). If anything shows the distance between us and popularity I think it would be that.

      – Alain

      • VichusSmith says:

        It’s hard out there for a blog. I really scratch my head at how some podcasts/sites have a lot of feedback and activity, while others- not so much. Maybe they pound the pavement more, hand out more stuff at more cons? I have no idea.

        There is just so much social media, and I don’t know if the people who would dig this blog are on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter. I used to think that listening to anime podcasts of reading a blog was a no-brainer for fans, but I think they’d rather be off on their own.

    • reversethieves says:

      It was all manga panels. I love Type-Moon but the manga adaptions are hardly the best.

      Also Kate is still a half the blog. She has veto power. I only get as much Type-Moon content on the blog thanks to her good graces. I don’t push my luck with that.

      – Alain

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