Behind the Blogging Curtain

Behind the scenes here at Reverse Thieves, we’ve had infrequent, long conversations about the blog’s/podcast’s strange middle ground of recognition. At our high points, we’ve liked to believe our name is known in the general anime and manga blogosphere. At our low points, we’ve sulked about never grasping “fame” (or infamy if you like) to be looked to for opinions and answers. (On a normal day, by the way, we are fully aware of all the support we’ve gotten from readers and listeners.) Oh woe is us (not really) for forever being in between obscurity and popular acclaim. The truth is, we have equal bits of pride and resignation to being in the middle. All that being said, whenever someone pays a large amount of attention to the blog it catches us off guard even if it might seem weird after all this time.

Thus was our reaction when we were approached by Lauren Orsini for an interview to be included in her new book: Build Your Anime Blog: How to Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love. (Yeah, not sure about the making money part. There might be some making money off all of this but it sure ain’t us.) You might know her as the Otaku Journalist as well as her book Otaku Journalism: A Guide to Geek Reporting in the Digital Age. Her latest book takes a look at several prominent bloggers and their general mission statements and philosophies, methods and practices, as well as hopes and dreams for their sites.

We talked so long about each of Lauren’s queries that we didn’t get through all of her questions. That should surprise no one if you are indeed a long-time reader or listener. You may also remember our Reverse Thieves Summed Up in 5 Panels post, this played a role in our interview, too. Other topics included the Secret Santa Project, the value of doing what we love and what keeps us engaged with our fandom, and the benefits of blogging in general.

Here is a bit from Lauren herself:

Anime reviews with a whimsical detective bent—that’s Reverse Thieves. As the name of their blog implies, Kate and Alain give hugely to the anime community, through their posts, their podcast, and their Anime Secret Santa program every December.

Kate and Alain video-Skyped me in one evening to a common area in the apartment building where they both live. Close friends for more than a decade, half the fun of speaking to them was witnessing their supportive, comfortable repartee.

In my interview with them, you’ll find that positivity is a major part of the Reverse Thieves philosophy. You’ll see how Kate and Alain stay upbeat and focused after almost ten years of blogging.

We are both curious to see what the other bloggers interviewed had to say. The selection seems quite varied so we should expect different approaches and philosophies to anime blogging. But, what do we agree on? Where do we diverge the most? What advice can we harness for ourselves?

Build Your Anime Blog is available in the Kindle store for $5.99. That doesn’t mean you need a Kindle to read it, just the Kindle app for your tablet or phone.

(Pro tip: If you want to emulate anyone you should probably pick Chris Beveridge. He seems to have a remarkable level of success and to genuinely still enjoy his fandom. -Alain)

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