Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #008: Gilgamesh Gets Naked … Again

hisui_icon_4040 It seems that the new trend in Fate related series is ending a season with some naked Gilgamesh. Apparently they are really desperate to try and court that Kate market. They have to give that up. It is an honest effort but Kate is not going to watch a Fate series no mater how many times you undress the King of Heroes. She is definitely not going to watch anything Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya related. Maybe JUST maybe if you adapt Fate/Strange Fake but that is distinctly a Hail Mary pass.

On a completely unrelated note I did have a revelation about the various Fate universes in general that was only fully solidified with this episode. The various Fate stories are all subject to the Anna Karenina principle. The Anna Karenina principle states that, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Every Holy Grail War that we see is broken in its own special way. Therefore the strange rules and odd restrictions in one version of the Holy Grail War do not necessarily carry over to a different version. That is why that state that only iterations of Hassan-i-Sabbah can truly be summoned by the Fuyuki Holy Grail War and any other Assassin is a fake but other Holy Grail Wars ignore that rule.

The best way to picture it is via a Table Top RPG analogy. Given the origin of the series that is the perfect tool. Overall the Holy Grail War idea in the generic RPG Core Book. It has the standardized rules, themes, and mechanics but nothing more than that. Each version of the Fate Universe is its own setting on top of the Core Book rules. They add all the characters, details, and flavor specific to that setting are in the supplemental setting. That also means that any rules that the individual setting introduces can alter, change, or contradict rules in the vanilla Core Book or other settings. They only have to be internally logically consistent. The rules laid down in Fate/Apocrypha are different that what is seen in Fate/Zero or Fate/Extra. Most of the rules are the same but each of version that is not a direct sequel or prequel exists in its own timeline where the rules broke (because they always break) it their own special ways.

Hopefully that helps both the Fate universe in general and this episode in particular make more sense.

If the 8th Card was too tough inside of the sealed space of the Mirror World than he is practically a god in the ordinary world. At first he seems to be fine flying through the air in his ancient Babylonian artifact but he is clearly still a threat. Miyu is overly eager to take it down but everyone else agrees that a strategy meeting is needed before they can move forward. But even the assistance of a questionable member of the church can only point them in the right direction. When they learn that the 8th Card is headed to find the Holy Grail can Illya and Miyu stop this rampaging beast’s mad grab for power?

Before this point the cards were always dangerous but the group could always run if they needed to. It gave them a boundary between when they were fighting and when they were safe. Now that the 8th Card can jump into the regular world that thin line of safety is gone. The fact that he can fly out of the ground in a magical airship just adds a layer of additional terror. They already felt like they were outclasses. The fact that their enemy could escape tons of rubble effortlessly only shows them they had no idea how many tricks this card has up his sleeve. Plus in the air they can’t use Bazett who is some of their most potent firepower. If the were struggling when they were fighting alongside the Enforcer what chance to they stand without her?

In their hour of despair comes an under-dressed nun from the darkness. She once again shows that while she may not be as utterly evil as her father the sadistic apple did not fall that far from the tree. Caren just happens to channel her malice towards doing the right thing. She might call everyone pigs and laugh at the pain of children in the process but she does the right thing in the end.

So actually in a way she is the exact opposite of her father. She wears her venomous personality on her sleeve to hide that she actually want to help people in the end.

OK. That might be going a bit too far. You still get the feeling that Caren watches videos of people getting seriously injured as a pick me up for when she has a had a bad day but you get the general idea.

They do discover some important things thanks to Caern’s OODA loop advice. The first is that Caren is using magic to lock down mundane activity. She can at least minimize the number of mundanes who get involved with the conflict. The second is that currently they are not being attacked. It seems the 8th card is far more interested in looking something then he is in fighting now that he is broken out of the Mirror World.

This whole scene at the beach house is new material. In the original series they immediately chase after Vimana. In the anime they break into the Gakumazawa tea house to rest and plan. I usually don’t have as much of an issue with pacing in a series as most of my peers. I’m sure that the trip to the amusement park or the festival annoyed some people greatly. I generally feel both episodes added some additional character growth in an amusing manner. This is mostly here just to pad out the episode. As is stands the 8th card most just spends unusual amount of time just flying in circles where as in the original manga he takes a for more reasonable amount of time to lock on his objective before moving.

It is very clear that they did this because they wanted to open with the 8th card breaking into the real world and end with the introduction of little Gilgamesh. This was mostly throw in to get them to that point. I understand why you would want to pick those as your bookends but it does seem a bit more of a blatant stall than what has come before it. It only just reinforces what we already knew. Miyu is upset but won’t communicate why. Chloe knows it is important but can’t ask herself. Illya knows she wants to ask but can’t bring up the courage to do so.

Then again we get more Bazett so there is always a silver lining.

I mostly only bring up this scene because the whole concept of Kabe-don has come up a lot recently in my life. The whole pushing the girl up against the wall in an aggressively romantic manner is a classic of shojo manga. Here Chloe gets to put her yuri twist on the idea. I have to assume this kissing scene was the other reason the director decided to take the show into this plot cul-de-sac.

I also have to assume someone is already working on a cicada block version of this scene.

The ride in the limo is mostly just a primer for everyone who does not constantly read the Type-Moon wiki and therefore remembers in gruesome detail how the Holy Grail was works. Most of the people who read these post probably can tell you in detail the difference between the False Holy Grail War, Moon Cell Holy Grail War, and the Great Holy Grail War but for everyone else this is a useful little reminder (or introduction as the case may be). What is clear is that in this timeline the 4th Holy Grail War as seen in Fate/Zero ended with no setup for the 5th seen in Fate/Stay Night. That is why Irisviel seemed so genuinely confused. There was on the other hand the setup for another Grail War using cards to access Lesser and Greater Grail system as the original Holy Grail War.

The question then is who set up that system in the first place. Whoever that player is they have yet to tip their hand. All guesses also assume that Miyu is probably tied to that mysterious other party.

I’m fairly certain everyone in the Ryuudouji Temple is fine but you have to think they are going to be incredibly shocked to discover that half of Mount Enzou (aka their backyard) was disintegrated overnight while they were sleeping. Also for some reason they did not notice it happening.

While they were told to wait for backup Illya correctly realizes that once the 8th Card finished whatever ritual he is going to perform in the mystical circle hidden within the Ten no Sakazuki it is going to be too late to stop it. So with some help from Miyu she is able to push the mysterious shadow out of the circle with a Superman dive.

Well actually she knocks out a naked little boy from within the shadow. So while the dark shadow is still performing the ritual they also have a strange golden haired child as well. A good plan it just had some very unexpected consequences.

Time to go back to that OODA loop.

Where on the doll did the magical girl touch you?

This was mostly set up episode. After the big fight in the last episode this was mainly to get all the key players to the site of the final battle. Now that the King of Heroes is out in his full form as opposed to being just a mindless black shadow things can really begin in earnest. He make be a naked child but that has never stopped him from stirring up trouble in the past.

– Alain



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