Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #010: This Time Illya Rips out Gilgamesh’s Heart

hisui_icon_4040 Of course the day I set aside to write up the last episode of this show is the day it comes out just before I was going to bed. Darn production delays. Just when I thought I could get one of these posts out on time life conspires to make sure that does not happen. But through dogged determination I will cross this finish line even if I am not in first place.

But lets be honest these episode posts of Prisma Illya were never going to be the most popular posts on the blog let alone the Internet. But it is both my duty and privilege to write these posts for everyone. (That is a lot of high minded talk for a conversation about the magical girl parody of Fate/Stay Night.)

Overall the last episode was the climax of this arc was the reveal of Miyu’s secret, Illya’s determination, and her transformation into her new battle form. Now that she can imagine her victory it is possible again. That is the power of the true magical girl. Even the King of Heroes cannot stop that.

Illya’s upgrade to her Zwei Form has allowed her to fight on an equal level as the monstrous Gilgamesh but can even her double stick form stand up to the power of the Sword of Rupture. Then again she just might be able to hold her own with a little help from her friends. But with the 8th card being defeated will everything go back to normal? Miyu was clearly running from someone. How long will it be until they find out where she has run to?

It seems someone threw away a perfectly fine sadistic nun on the side of the road. A little bit of cleaning, some food, and the tears of a child would clean her up as good as new. It is like when the college semester ends and you will see tons of nice furniture, electronics, and books on the curb. Irisviel realizes that a little elbow grease will turn this discarded trash into a full functional exorcist in no time flat.

Silly “cat in a box” jokes aside this is mostly a discussion between white haired women who can’t be anything other than observers. At this point Caren and Irisviel can only wait to see what Illya and her gang can do. Both of them have done everything they can at this point.

Illya has not only doubled her power by combining Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire but her Zwei Form allows her to remove all of her normal limiters. While Illya normally has more magic circuits than most people this upgrade also allows her to turn her whole body into magic circuits. Even parts of her that were never meant to be. That gives her a Dark Sakura amount of mana but at a cost. She is slowly hurting herself every moment she fights. Also at the same time she is doing a equal amount of damage to Chloe. So both of them are fighting on a time limit. The longer they fight the closer they get to defeat. While the Zwei Form gives Illya power equal to Gilgamesh he can sustain that level of power for an amount of time that might as well be infinite while Illya has a few minuets of top output at most.

Chloe realizes this more than anyone so she gets everyone to help Illya instead of trying to talk her down. At this point there only real chance at victory is creating an opening in the window they have now before Gilgamesh gets any more power.

With help from Chloe, Rin, Luvia, Bazett, Illya is able to break the Shield of the Gods and Ig-Alima. But that only makes him whip out his trump card Ea. Illya quickly realizes the same thing that everyone else who has ever defeated Gilgamesh has realized: At this point you have to kill him quickly. All his persnickety rules he have about not going all out with weaker opponents are dropped with that sword comes out. Fortunately for her Quintet Fire is an equal match for the Enuma Elish.

Believe in the me that believes in you.

I mention that because not only is it the part where Illya get Miyu to renew her hope but it also really feels like a scene of animation from Gurren Lagan. That sketchy style gives you a clear indication that you are dealing with a character’s inner world while being stylish and economical at the same time. It does give us the clearest picture of Miyu as a captive princess in her own world. It also shows us that she clearly had a close brotherly relationship with the Shiro of her world. It was hinted at to the point of being stated before this point but this is the first time it is more than just being strongly implied.

I mostly put this scene here because I wanted a picture of sleepy Leysritt. Who can blame me? She is quite lovely.

Otherwise this is just more service. I have to assume at least one person on the staff’s job was just figuring out how to get as many scenes of girls kissing as possible in every episode.

They were on point in this episode. It took some work but they found a way.

What a difference a near death experience can have on you. Miyu now seems to value people outside of Illya. She probably sees most of her classmates as bothersome but lovable talking animals but that is a distinct step up from unremarkable inanimate objects.

You have to love Luvia’s smart guy glasses.

I find it amusing that Rin, Luvia, and Bazett are far more concerned about how they are going to report this all the the Mage’s Association than they are about any of the actual clean up. It is clear that Bazett has never care about that … ever. But her job is just to break things. They don’t pay her to be subtle. You would think that Rin and Luvia would be a bit more responsible. Then again if they were a bit more responsible they would probably not be in this position in the first place.

Caren and Irisviel don’t do much but they are able to bookend the episode. They go in to do the appropriate damage control after such a huge battle but discover that it has already been done. It seems that someone easily cleaned up the mountain as if it were not the ground zero of WWIII. But as they wonder who has the power to do such a thing the audience sees that the vanguard forces of the new Holy Grail War have arrived.

Welcome to Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!! Welcome to Angelica and Beatrice Flowerchild.

It is important to point out that the anime and the manga end very differently. In the manga Angelica and Beatrice immediately show up and kidnap Miyu only seconds after they defeat Gilgamesh. Illya and Miyu are in the middle of their after battle talk when they show up. The anime ends with everyone having time to rest and reflect on what has happened. The 2wei manga ends on a cliff hanger that immediately leads into the next part without skipping a beat whereas the anime seems to try to wrap things up in a way that makes a somewhat complete story with a distinct hook for the next season.

You might first assume that they did this because they were worried they would not get another season. But that seems highly unlikely. At this point it would be surprising if they stopped making the anime more than anything else. I think it is far more likely that they want to add more filler. They have been adding more filler as time has gone on. The original series had a mild amount of new material but it was usually just a scene or two. The second half had so much filler that they were able to make the arc two full seasons as opposed to one condensed season. I’m assuming they want to do the same with the third season. They will probably have a few silly episodes with Illya and the gang before Angelica and Beatrice show up and move the plot forward again.

Hopefully the filler will be on the same level of quality of the amusement park episodes. That would be excellent.

Until then we will just have to wait for Tanaka, Erika, ramen chef Kirei Kotomine, and Authoritarian Personalism.

See you then.

– Alain



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