Baseball in the Time of Taisho

narutaki_icon_4040 I went on the Taiiku Podcast to discuss Taisho Baseball Girls with host Kory and Ink from AniGamers.

Just as the protagonists in the series struggle to be given a chance, this anime has also been greatly underestimated!

Taiiku Podcast: Episode #12—Taisho Baseball Girls


One thought on “Baseball in the Time of Taisho

  1. matty says:

    I actually reviewed this anime when I first participated in the Secret Anime Santa exchange!

    My main thing with this series is that, really looking at it, I didn’t have a convincing reason why they had to set it in the Taisho period. I think a girls baseball team set in modern times would have worked just as well, maybe even with more impact.

    Just look at other baseball stories, Jackie Robinson, A League of Their Own, etc. This series could have went in one direction or the other and tell an either compelling or fun story. It just teeters in the middle. I guess it sort of falls into the Sandlot category? Even then, that film had a bit to do in that time period they could play around with.

    I was expecting quite a bit since they could have done a lot with this time period, but it just feels like they played it …safe.

    Good podcast! I enjoy hearing about titles that were released years back and give them some shelf life.

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