Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 3rei!! #12: Six Seasons and a Movie

hisui_icon_4040_round As rushed as parts of this battle might have been it should have been clear that Julian and Beatrice are far too powerful to be defeated in a single episode. The previously ever-present Angelica has been neutralized, Miyu and her iteration of Shiro have been freed, and Darius’ true face was revealed. Accomplishments have been made. Julian’s true level of threat has been made clear but also he has been shown to be vulnerable. Both sides have retreated to lick their wounds before their final confrontation.

If you asked me before today I would have assumed the last leg of the story would have been concluded in either the next season of the TV series or 2 more seasons at most. But it seems the rather long flashback arc is not just getting its own season but in fact a rather unexpected movie.

Unless of course, they make Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 4ier¡¡¡

Even the Sword of Promised Victory can merely ebb the tide of shadow Servants pouring out of the Black Cube and Erika.  But Tanaka lends a hand to enable Illya to smash the enemy generator which causes Julian to retreat. This respite allows Illya’s band to heal Shiro and retreat back to the Emiya residence. This pause in the action gives Miyu and her brother the chance to finally explain their world and reveal many of the secrets that have remained hidden up until now.

Tanaka is really hot stuff. One could even say that she is smoking hot. She is clearly steaming mad at the Ainsworth family. She is going to take out her anger on them using the 2nd Gear technique she learned from Luffy.

Yes. I took a whole section out of this post just to make silly puns. Such are Alain only posts on the blog.

It is sometimes easy to forget that Excalibur is classified as an Anti-Fortress attack. It is like an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm++. It is so often just used again a single target in the Fate series that you could fall into the trap of thinking that it can’t be used against a huge swath of targets. It does not help that whenever you use Saber’s Nobel Phantasm in Fate/Grand Order it can only take out three enemies at a time. Here the full destructive power of the strongest holy sword is on display. Despite that, it only puts a temporary dent in the shadow Servant army.

It quickly becomes apparent that the only path to victory is shutting down the huge black cube that is putting out all of these Servants. The problem is that after all of this fighting Illya does not have the mana for that sort of attack.

Despite that, she refuses to back down. As I have said all of this season the most important decision Illya made was to utterly commit to saving Miyu and the world as a true and just path. This makes sure that her Magical Girl power is supreme and as long as she marches forward with conviction a path will open up for her. This time, that tool to open the path comes in from the heavens.

Tanaka has been shown to have a huge amount of power but so far has yet to use it to any great effect. This is the first time other than her obliteration of Apneic Beauty where she shows off a real sample of what she can do besides take a beating. Her arm launches off and becomes a burning sword for Illya’s use. It seems that it is specifically designed to burn away counterfeits and fakes. Since this is so much of the Ainsworth power base Illya is able to cut through anything Erika and Julian throw at her. In fact, when it starts to smash the Black Cube Julian very quickly retreats with an urgency he has never had up until the point. He has not been as thrown off his game since he was stabbed with Rule Beaker.

The sword looks a bit like a dragon’s wing which makes me wonder if that is supposed to be a clue to Tanaka’s true identity. I suppose that she could be a dragon aspected version of Tamamo-no-Mae. Tamamo Cat is already a feline version so a Kiyohime like iteration could fill in one of the two slots of unknown tails. On the other hand, it just might mean that she is some other Servant or creature. It will be interesting to see what the truth of the matter is.

Just because Julian flees does not make Shiro’s condition any better. In fact, it very much seems like he is about to die despite the relive calm after the battle. But Rin’s Pendant save yet another version of Shiro.

I was recently talking to Kate about how you don’t NEED to have experienced the rest of the Fate universe to enjoy or understand Prisma Illya. Nothing in the series will utterly go over your head if this is the first piece of the Nasuverse you are experiencing. All the characters, world mechanics, and powers are explained within the series proper. The thing that Prisma Illya does is ASSUME you have seen the greater franchise. It often does things that either parody ideas in another version of the Holy Grail War, act as a nudge and a wink to previous events, or specifically set up a situation just to subvert it. All these dimensions are missed if this is your first rodeo.

If you have never seen the original Fate/Stay Night it would be easy to pass off this scene as a far too convenient piece of deus ex machina to save Shiro. It seems a bit lazy since there was no previous set up for the pendant. It is nothing that ruins the story but seems a bit sloppy. An experienced fan will realize this is a reference to the fact that Rin’s Pendant role in the series is a mechanism to save Shiro from mortal wounds. It is not something you need to know but something you’re expected to know.

Illya notes that Gilgamesh has seemingly left them completely now that he has reclaimed his card. As I stated in the last post this needed to happen as a fully powered Gilgamesh would make the final fight far too easy. It would perfectly match his character to take off at this point and it helps keep the power curve of the team on track. The way that Illya states the situation perfectly sets Gilgamesh up for a, “You’re all clear, kid. Now let’s blow this thing and go home” Han Solo save in the final battle but that will only happen near the climax of the battle given his penchant for dramatic entrances.

Angelica is now in a strange place. She has been abandoned by Julian for her failure so she can’t go “home.” She is far too much of a homunculus to go off on her own now that she has no master and her theoretical freedom. At this point, she is something in between a prisoner, an ally, and a neutral observer for Illya’s team. Angelica does not seem to be actively trying to sabotage them but she also does not seem to be supporting them after being betrayed as well. If anything she is just following them since they have at least extended her hand to her.

This biggest reveal in this whole episode is not Julian’s need for two Grails, Tanaka’s hidden abilities, or anything about Shiro. It is what type of girl Miyu can be when she is at home and relaxed. In a way, it is the difference between Yukino Miyazawa at school and at home. Even when she was at her most relaxed at the Edelfelt mansion it was like she was a guest or a worker there. Only when she is at home with Shiro can she wear silly outfits, act selfishly, and just be vulnerable. She can also speak openly without her normal reserved nature. 

It gives Illya and Chloe a new view of their friend as well as allows the next scene to finally happen. 

Since the first season, it has been clear that Miyu has had more experience and knowledge than a random girl who just happened to stumble upon Magical Sapphire should have. Over the course of the series small pieces of her past have been hinted at or told to Illya via second-hand sources. This is the first time Miyu will lay out her deal, in her own words, alongside her brother.

Finally, the tale of Shiro, Julian, Miyu, and this Upside Down world will be told.

Also, it is worth nothing that the parallels between Erika and Chibiusa are all in overdrive now that she has gained her own version of being Black Lady. After being bathed in the darkness of the Cube Erika now looks older, has a new outfit, a darker attitude, and now is firmly on the side of evil and being filled with despair filled energy. If that is not also a description of the corrupted Chibiusa then I don’t know what is.

It seems that the next leg of Prisma Illya is coming to the audience in the form of a movie. I did not expect that. If nothing else it might go a long way to making up for the bitterness over the 11th episode of this season. This episode was good. It was nothing exceptional but compared to mediocre episode 11 it did everything it needed to. Then again there is only one major fight scene when Illya is fighting with Tanaka’s sword. It works well but the rest of the episode is just cool down after the fight. The time to pull out all the stops was episode 11. This was the time to rest a bit. I’m sure this was not an intended decision but it is a situation that has left a bad taste in fans mouths.

Despite all of that, I am looking forward to this movie. There are some very intense moments in the flashback and a movie would do a lot to bring those events to life. I’m not sure when the movie will come out and more importantly when I will be able to watch it but when it drops I will be sure to give you my thoughts.

– Alain

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