Let the Record of Lodoss War OVA Rewatch Begin!

Many a 90s anime fan cut their teeth on the Record of Lodoss War OVA. This classic high-fantasy series is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the novel and has recently gotten a Blu-ray release.

Join us whether you are re-experiencing or checking out the world of Lodoss for the first time, as we delve deep into each episode with the following sections . . .

  • Welcome to Lodoss Island: A summary of what happened in the episode.
  • Leveling Up: A look into the growth of the characters and players.
  • Sword World Supplements: A discussion of fantasy tropes and role-playing elements.
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide: A comparison of the anime to the book.
  • Revelations from Kardis: Our favorite parts and final thoughts.

Look for our first podcast about Record of Lodoss War in June! In the meantime, listen to our #00 episode in which we discuss our memories of this classic anime.



One thought on “Let the Record of Lodoss War OVA Rewatch Begin!

  1. Alexander Case says:

    I’m absolutely looking forward to this podcast (I’ve done reviews of the TV show and the book on both my blog and my YouTube channel). I’d absolutely consider this show my “Andes Chucky”.

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