Hisui Dream Diary #4

I don’t regularly remember my dreams or keep any sort of dream journal but I have learned the trick to remembering your dreams is to repeat what happens in the dream to yourself out loud as soon as you wake up. It commits the dream to a longer term part of memory. And so I do not know how often I will be able to write posts like this but I consider this part one of an irregularly updated ongoing series. It is all dependent on when I remember dreams that are worth talking about on the blog.

It has been awhile since I have done one of these but I think the warm weather distinctly facilitates them. I’m a bit more likely to be kicked out of REM sleep and then stay awake when it is hot. I tend to stay in bed when it is cold letting me forget any dreams. Hopefully we will get one or two more of these before the end of the summer. In the end only time will tell.

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6 Lessons from The Rose of Versailles

We dreamed the impossible dream: someone licensing  The Rose of Versailles. But against all odds that dream came true. If you remember back in October, we submitted some questions to Riyoko Ikeda when the series was licensed by Nozomi Entertainment and even posted our questions in celebration of the announcement. Now that the first DVD set is out we’ve decided to remind you to picked them up.

The Rose of Versailles is more than just one of the seminal shojo series that has shaped countless titles. It is also a wonderous and unique life manual filled with universal truisms and precautionary tales for any age.

Oh. Watch out. We so have some major spoilers for the series beyond the death of historical characters whose deaths should be shocking to no one.

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Congratulations, Mr. President

It was a real nail biter this year. This election might very well be the most important decision the nation has ever made. We face an enormous economic crisis that still continues to cripple our growth. There are grave threats to our nation’s security both internal and external. We have a broken political system in which partisan politics and powerful lobbyists gridlock the system and remove power from the hands of the common people. And Legend of the Galactic Heroes still goes unlicensed in English.

We need a leader who can overcome these troubled times with vision and strength of character. A leader who can bring together the American people with compassion and leadership. A president with real solutions that can return America to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I’m just glad to see that the best man won this year.

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