Ongoing Investigations: Case #050

For some reason I have been sitting on Galaxy Railways for a while now. I finally watched the series up through episode 14. After a quite somber beginning, we follow new recruit Yuuki to the Space Defense Force crew of train Big One. When he first enters he has many idealistic ideas which cause constant conflict on missions, this continues throughout these episodes. However, there is growth on his part even if he stays rather rash. The rest of the crew provides a bevy of functions such as humor, animosity, friendship, guidance, and romance. So far most of the episodes have been individual missions with occasional looks at characters’ back stories. There is certainly a overall plot to come that is hit on now and again. Most things center around the complicated line of trains that cross the galaxy moving people and goods. Yuuki is constantly getting caught up in other people’s personal problems which makes him rather endearing if somewhat of an idiot at times. The series has a good mix of suspense, action, and character analysis combined with a unique setting and seems to have gone overlooked despite its good production values. The art style is a hybrid of Leiji Matsumoto’s classic 70’s character design with a little modernity thrown in which I really enjoy. I am looking forwarding to continuing on.

I try not to think of myself as too much of a shipper. I leave how much of this is a self disillusion to others. I will admit when I found out that the two figures from the Gundam RAH DX line for Turn A Gundam were Loran and Sochie I had to get them so I could display them together to suit my agenda. Loran is decked out in his pilot’s suit. It’s fairly form fitting so the ladies get some service with this Gundam figure. His pose is as if he is reaching out to something in the distance which is quite appropriate for the character. He comes with his helmet and his Children’s Day Carp toy. Since Loran is my favorite Gundam protagonist I’m glad to see him get an excellent figure. I would also buy a Loran figure in his Diver’s uniform or his Milita outfit but I am pretty sure you would only see those at Wonderfest. I won’t go as far as to say that Sochie is my favorite Gundam heroine because I’m not exactly sure who that is. She is my favorite female from Turn A Gundam though. She is in one of her pre-milita dresses and looking quite cute. I love her playful little finger waving motion. Another good pose that captures why I really like the character. For better or for worse (better) Sochie is wearing leotards so we don’t get a panty shot on her. Like Loran I would easy plunk down money to buy her again in a milita uniform as well.

Watched episodes 1-4 of Ai Shite Night, slowly but surely this little 80’s show is coming out. It looks so 80’s it’s worth seeing just for that. The story focuses on Yaeko, an ordinary 18-year-old girl who works at her father’s okonomiyaki restaurant and a budding love triangle over her between two up and coming rockstars Go and Satomi. The boys of course have very different personalities despite being partners and friends. But we see much of this story through the eyes of little Haishizo and his strange cat Juliano who befriend Yaeko in the first episode. Haishizo is Go’s little brother unbeknowst to Yaeko until the fourth episode. The opening is a catchy tune, even if it is a little weird because the girl in it is a blonde where Yaeko, atleast currently, is a brunette. I am also curious to see how the actual music scene comes into play or does it remain centered on the romance aspect.

Ah, Ranka. Why does the easy to get figure based on you have to be the figure I want absolutely nothing to do with? To get a Ranka figure that did not make me feel dirty on the inside I had to get the Premium Prize Figure. They are somewhat rare because the only way to get it was to enter a lottery at participating stores. They are already slightly pricey and I suspect that as time goes on this will only become more so. But I did not mind paying a little extra to get such a lovely figure. She is is in her classic outfit from the Miss Macross Contest and is doing the famous “Ranka pose.” It is crazy cute. If you want anything better than that I’m not sure exactly what it would be. She also comes with a little Ai-kun on the base with adds to the delightfulness. The figure was worth the time and effort if for nothing else it brings a smile to my face whenever I see it. I would definitely buy other Ranka figures as long as they are not horribly slutty. Can we do this Japan? I know it’s hard but could you try for me?

I read the third book in the Twelve Kingdoms series. This one stars snarky, little Enki! The story moves between the present and memories of when Enki first picked the Ever-King of En. The current time in the book is about 20 years after that choice was made. Shoryu, the King, is a wanderer and a very carefree ruler who prefers to walk the streets than attend meetings. His people don’t know it but most of the court thinks he is lazy and not fit for the throne. Things start to get hairy as a rebellion becomes eminent and Enki must come to terms with the choice he made so long ago. As the story moves along we see why Enki questions himself and his rights as the chooser of the king. While Enki is the star we spend a good deal of time coming to understand Shoryu as well. Shoryu comes off as idiot savant who receives no end of insults. The King’s closest consul, Shuko and Itan, provide wisdom and some hilarious commentary about their dubious lord. There is certainly a running theme of not judging people on the surface to this novel. The third installment in this series is as good as the first two with the power of its characters, intrigue, and spry storytelling.

If you have not noticed I really liked the Portrait of Pirates of figures. The next figure in the line is a bit of a odd choice but hardly unwelcome. We get Vivi’s pet Spot Billed duck Carue. He is a delightful character in the Baroque Works arc. He comes with a separate wing so he can salute and with an alternate mouth so he can drink from his little canteen. He is a fun character and definitely a good purchase for anyone who already has the Vivi figure.

Because I was just reading about him, Enki is the pic of the week!

2 thoughts on “Ongoing Investigations: Case #050

  1. otou-san says:

    I dunno, a slutty Ranka is fine too.

    I haven’t made it much farther than you in Galaxy Railways but I’ve been entertained by it for the most part. Matsumoto seems to have a really hard time pulling himself out of the 70s — the only thing more sophisticated than Harlock or 999 is the animation.

    But sometimes that’s a lot of fun, just kicking back with the idealistic, romantic, good-guys-vs-bad-guys throwback style that entertains without demanding a lot of thought.

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