Gosick #003: You Think There’s a Traitor Among Us


The party still trapped on the Queen Berry soon drops from five members to four and then three. At the same time, suspicions run high that there might be someone else on the ship with them. Victorique and Kazuya soon discover who the hunter on the ship is but Victorique knows the true solution to the events on board are more complex than you would first imagine. At the same time how does Roxanne’s murder tie this all together?

The Case

As things go from bad to worse on this deadly cruise, Kazyua and Victorique each put their know-how to work. Here Kazuya proves himself quite well as her protector. There is still a bit of banter between them at the beginning, but as the episode goes along the seriousness mounts. I was very satisfied with the end of the mystery, it was exciting and tense during the final moments on the ship; and when Victorique reveals all the details, I doubt anyone had them all figured out.

hisuiconMaurice’s betrayal is soon rewarded with a bullet in the forehead and we are left on with the two only two characters that were likely suspects in the first place. Throughout the episode we see some important points where Victorique pauses that obviously go on to be key clues when she does her final denouement at the end of the episode. I know Narutaki and I were worried from the previews that the flashback would give away key details but Hitoshi Nanba wisely jumped to the actions scenes as quickly as possible. Since we don’t have much time to think before people are fighting with brass knuckles and axes when the final solution has come the director did not have too many chances to blow the solution. Sadly the novel did the mystery better and the solution was more in-depth but at least the focus of the strong point of the anime helped pull everything together in a favorable manner for a satisfying conclusion.

Final Thoughts

Equally satisfying to the end of the mystery was the building relationship between Kazuya and Victorique. Liking the rapport between partners like this is key to creating a series that viewers want to watch continue ever on. Much like the first novel, these first episodes, were able to establish this very well and leave room for growth. This episode was the best so far; each has gotten progressively better.

hisuiconAs always the most competent part has been the interplay between Victorique and Kazuya. We got some great scenes between the two of them in both high tension situation and more relaxed moments. Kazuya finally gets his chance to truly show why he is part of the team with a another valiant sacrifice and some well-played fisticuffs. The biggest omission was the fact that there were a series of flashback in the book that were a great misdirection if you fell into its trap. The novel also had in more in-depth explanation of the hunter, the hares, and the garden box. That said I think the explanation was sufficient for what was presented in the episode. Victorique has her time to shine and ties all the events of the book neatly together. Hopefully this episode is not a fluke and Nanba is getting better sense of  directing this series.  As far as I can tell they are not going to do the second book in the series right away so I am curious to see what case we get next. I wonder if they are going to jump to a later book, one of the Gosicks short stories, a story from the manga, or something original.


4 thoughts on “Gosick #003: You Think There’s a Traitor Among Us

  1. kadian1364 says:

    I would’ve appreciated a red herring or two because I had the culprit pegged since “There’s an extra person in this room!” They stood out too much.

    I don’t know what to think of this show so far. Mysteries aside, Kazuya isn’t interesting enough for me to care about and drill-hair detective is absurd, which leaves Victorique. Can she carry the show alone? Gosick isn’t bad, but I’m not really drawn in by anything.

  2. reversethieves says:

    Well you get a bunch of misleading flashbacks from an unknown character that throw you off to who is the hunter, the pray, and the orchestrator of the whole affair. It throws you off on the gender of certain participants so you are lead to believe that the hunter and the mastermind are the same person.

    Grevil usually only shows up at the beginning and the end of books for some comic relief. So you really have to like Victorique and/or Kazuya. But if both of them don’t grab you it can be tough to stick with the show.

    – Hisui

  3. hoshiko says:

    I guessed the culprit correctly mostly cuz of the flashback. If there was no flashback then it’ll be a little tough.

    At least now that the first case is over, the relationship between Victorique and Kazuya was somewhat established. I wasn’t sure what role Kazuya will play in this series but now I know he’s the protector. He wouldn’t be contributing much in solving the case. Solving cases will be Victorique’s role and hers only.

    • reversethieves says:

      The flashbacks in the book are first person perspective and the character who is narrating the flashbacks has a name that misleads you about their gender which throws things off. Sadly when you SEE the flashbacks in third person this effect is ruined.

      Usually in great detective material the detective is the person who solves the cases and everyone else is someone for the investigator to play off of. In this case it is no different. Victorique is the brains and while Kazuya is not a dummy he is clearly the muscle.

      – Hisui

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