No Case Too Small: Heroman

The case in question is episode 20 of Heroman: Missing

Heroman wasn’t exactly a great show, but when Holly’s love of being a detective comes to the surface in a later episode, I had to laugh. When livestock and eventually people start disappearing the case has everyone baffled. Then when Professor Denton goes off to look for something he winds up missing, too. But never fear (or please fear a lot) Holly, Joey, and Psy are on the case!

Holly’s priority seems to center on doing detective like things rather than solving the case. Thus she insist on their outfits as homage. They hustle some people for information and make some false accusations along the way until they end up at a hospital where a girl is staying whose father vanished.

Disguises can be put to great use for any detective. This is also one of Holly’s shining moments though Joey and Psy are much less happy with being in drag. However, even though they are able to question and ultimately comfort the girl they were looking for they end up no closer to the answers. Its only when they go back to the scene of the professor’s disappearance that the culprit appears.

So despite liking detective stuff, Holly and the company she drags along aren’t very effective as sleuths in this episode. This Heroman episode unsurprisingly ends up with a robot fight and actually doesn’t fully reveal the criminal, telling us it will be continued in the next episode. But all the fun detective stuff is over with 20.


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