If She Weighs the Same as a Duck: A Maho Shojo Madoka Magica Post

I know that Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica has been getting a bunch of people in the anime blogging community talking. The normally light and fluffy visuals mixed with it’s utterly bizarre magical world scenes, sinister tone, and unusual approach to the genre has a good number of people trying feeling this might not follow the normal path of  a magical girl show. The question is HOW will it veer from the path when the deviant nature of this world is revealed. I am throwing in my theories because I love to speculate out loud to see where the mistakes in my predictions are and maybe get someone to expand upon or counter my ideas. Plus everyone knows you get crazy points the earlier you publicly call the big twist.

I think at this point everyone is in agreement that is Kyubey an evil ball of fluff with a less than benevolent agenda. The question is what is his sinister agenda. My theory is one of the things that Kyubey is not telling Madoka and Sayaka is the true nature of witches. What Kyubey calls witches are nothing more than magical girl in the service of another creature like Kyubey. Kyubey and this other unseen mascot (or maybe mascots) are locked in a secret little war.  In this war the birth of a new witch is essentially nothing more than the birth of a new magical girl for the other side. But Kyubey know many of these girls he is recruiting would not casually snuff out the lives of other people also fighting for their desires. So he throws on some glamour over the battles the girls have so they are unaware of the truth. The fact that the magical world is so utterly bizarre is because it is supposed to be a hint that the world they are fighting in is not what it first appears. Eventually when the illusion is shattered we will go back and see what really happened in the battles we originally saw now with eyes unclouded by lies. I suspect that the world will look much less modern art like and the strange rune like names for the witches was be revealed to just be the names of other girls just like or heroines. The strange forms of the witches are merely a camouflage for covering up the powers that the other girls have. At that point I think it will be a battle between magical girls and their sinister former guardians. The series will go from Cardcaptor Sakura to Kill Kerberos.

I know there are a bunch of other legitimate theories out there so if you have any just throw them in the comment section. I am curious to see what they are. I think it is early enough in the series that a good number of ideas are still very viable. You still have time to earn the respect and admiration of the Internet but publicly proving you are smarter than Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi.

2 thoughts on “If She Weighs the Same as a Duck: A Maho Shojo Madoka Magica Post

  1. Kyubey says:

    “I think at this point everyone is in agreement that is Kyubey an evil ball of fluff with a less than benevolent agenda.”

    No. This is just pure libel. I demand a retraction.

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