Ongoing Investigations: Case #142

I along with thousands of others rejoiced to hear that Sailor Moon would finally be rereleased in English and thankfully with a new translation to match. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there are also lovely color pages! Rereading something with such nostalgia for so many of us can be precarious sometimes because there is always the possibility of being let down. Sailor Moon is not that type of title if you are going in with the knowledge that this is a title meant for little girls; a mighty entertaining fantasy adventure that hits all the right notes for little girls. The strength of friendship is central to the series and it really takes hold of that right away. Equal is the intrigue (totally transparent to the audience) of Tuxedo Mask. The pace is happily brisk as Usagi whisks through villains and gains new guardians. The dialogue is rather stiff at times but not sure whether to attribute that problem with translation or not. The art of course shines and doesn’t feel aged though you can see Ms. Takeuchi getting better as the story goes which is only natural. Sailor Moon is a legendary title that changed a genre so that also means that it isn’t a perfect piece. But not being perfect doesn’t prevent it from being point of delight full of naive fantasy. It is great experiencing it all over again.

Well, if Natutaki is talking about the mother of fighting magical girls shows I might as well talk about one of its most modern grandchildren. I have been enjoying Suite Precure even if I have not mentioned it since episode 12. But since episode 35 is the accumulation of a lot of reveals I think it is worth talking about again. In that time the show has had the birth of Cure Beat,  a major power-up, the many reveals around Cure Muse, and of course the unmasking of the true villain of the series. The birth of Cure Beat was in itself pretty cool but as Narutaki mentioned the transformation from Siren to Ellen was sort of lame. It is like after she officially became a Cure some one switched her from evil to good like she was Krusty doll. The reveal of Cure Muse was better of it does require some Superman/Clark Kent and Batman/Bruce Wayne levels of ignorance. Also the reveal of Mephisto not being the big villain was pretty important as he would have made far to weak a foil especially as compared to previous masterminds. Overall I am still enjoying Suite Precure but 35 episodes in it is clear it will never be as strong as Heartcatch. But I am OK with that.

The other sequel I’m watching this season is World’s Greatest First Love (eps. 1-3). I really found the first season funny and sweet and of course unrealistically romantic. Season two is still those things, but the plot is spinning its wheels. I can at least say Takano is not content to stay in place but he can get nowhere when Onodera pretty much refuses to acknowledge his seriousness, even when he is completely straightforward about it. I’m hoping some subsequent episodes feature the bookseller and editor who haven’t had that much time to develop.

So after all the S.W.A.T. reviews I have decided to keep watching Gundam RAGE! … I mean AGE. Once again Gundam fandom turns on a dime whenever it receives the tiniest bit of information. Therefore the was huge backlash when fandom saw the first episode of AGE as they cried it conformed all their worst fears about the series being for kids. Then in episode two they all suddenly loved AGE because the AGE system was rather impressive. I don’t know their reaction after episode 3 and quite frankly I don’t think I care. I don’t understand why veteran mecha fans don’t ever remember that it takes 10 episodes for any 50 episode Sunrise show to even begin to show its true colors. When new fans make that mistake it is understandable.  When old fans to make the same mistake it makes you wonder if they have any sort of ability to learn from the past. This means they won’t have a real opinion on the series for at least 5 years. Until then they will have 30 more changes of heart. AGE is definitely shooting for a bit of a younger crowd but I still think there is a lot to like and I look forward to see where they go with this. I will say that as much as Emily Amonde seems like the AGE version of Sayla Mass it seems that Yurin L’Ciel is the AGE version of Tifa Adill complete with Tifa’s psychic powers. I like Flit Asuno and I am curious to see what legacy his passes on to later generations in the show.

Finally had the chance to watch more Young Justice (eps. 10-12). So whose crap idea was it that they add in everyone suddenly attending Gotham Academy? At least they don’t spend too much time there. The plots of these maintained the complexity of previous episodes and also add a bunch of villainy faces to the cast. There is also some movement on the Ms. Martian / Superboy front but it felt pushed. Still, it is nice to not have everyone is a holding pattern. Episode 12 solidified Artemis as part of the team and also got me to like her a bit.

Wow! It has been seven years since the Hayate no Gotaku! manga has started. I have to say that time sure flies when you’re having fun. I am glad that chapters 337 – 342 have returned to the normal routine of silly adventures. The doujinshi arc was fun but I was glad to get back into the silliness after all the drama of the Nagi’s manga. The fact that 337 had the cover it did not hurt matters at all. I have to say that I am still loving Hayate after seven years. The fact that it still brings a smile to my face is proof enough. I enjoyed the fact that to celebrate the seventh anniversary they had an extra section with Ruka’s Fly Dolphin doujinshi. I must mention that Chiharu has really grown on me lately. She is not knocking Nagi or Maria out of my top spots but she has  won me over even if she is a late addition to the cast. I find her friendship with Nagi very refreshing and sweet. That said we need more Maria. There is never a chapter that cannot be improved with more Maria. Other than that I am really looking forward to the new Hayate movie and season 3 of the anime. Stay out debt Kenjiro Hata and keep making the manga I love.


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