Let’s ratchet up the drama in Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% S2!

My first reaction after finishing Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% S1 was hoping they would make another season. It is a completely open-ended finale to the romances and there is plenty more that can be done with everyone’s music careers. Luckily just this past month another anime (Love 2000% ?) was announced for it but with no real details. That being the case, I came up with my own ideas.

Since we ended S1 with the group debuting, they will now try to navigate the waters of the real idol scene. But since the headmaster is also the president of the talent agency, he will still keep up his crazy games because let’s face it, the show wouldn’t be nearly as good without Norio Wakamoto. We can add a new guy to be the agent/manager of ST☆RISH though. The group would get to travel a lot for appearances causing bonding and drama. The guys would be gaining a fan following that would lead to plenty of trouble, too. Some international traveling would be a lot of fun as well as paying a visit to relax at Haruka’s grandmother’s in the country.

At the top of my list though is a scheming rival boy band. They can all be similar to the main cast but done in a darker coloring of our guys, kind of like the alternate costumes in fighting games. These guys would conspire to steal away Haruka to be their songwriter. For good measure the lead in the rival band can also be a childhood friend of her’s. This will make Haruka naturally torn between new and old. This could even build to Haruka being blackmailed to leave ST☆RISH creating a supremely melodramatic climax! As far as the romances between her and our bevy of suitors goes, again I doubt we will get a conclusive pairing at the end of the season.

Anyone who has played the games have a real idea of what we may have in store for S2?


2 thoughts on “Let’s ratchet up the drama in Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% S2!

  1. jennifu says:

    I don’t think it’s that unreasonable to expect a last-minute Tokiya end, which leaves the door open for more not-so-subtle BL shippy hints (oh joy of joys), although I guess I’d prefer the platonic end.

    I imagine there’d be stuff about the boys realizing the horrors of show business, pretty much a continuation of Tokiya’s angst, but I really hope Shining (SHINY~) isn’t in an antagonist role like he kind of was near the end.

    Actually, I must admit I’m not that interested in speculating about plot; I want to know things like whether they’ll be doing image songs again, since that must be like printing money, and if there will be more choreographed boyband dance numbers!!

    • reversethieves says:

      I can’t imagine them not doing a ton of songs again. I’m sure that’s one of the things that made S1 so successful for them!

      I assume that Tokiya is like the true path of the series, it seems obvious. But I kind of think they’ll stick with the unknown, maybe we’ll get a S3! They seemed really reluctant to have much intimacy in S1. I mean Haruka got what a couple of hand holds and a hug?


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