The January Line-Up

Starting new for 2012 we will posting the newly licensed, newly streaming, and newly announced anime and manga for each month. More than anything, I wanted to keep a list like this so I thought why not make it a blog post at the end of the month to keep me on top of doing it. It is amazing how much was announced this month, I guess it is because it is the beginning of the year!

I have to say this is a brilliant little idea from Narutaki. If you have ever done a year in review article you will find that the while you might remember the last week’s news crystal clear what was licensed and when all tends to blur together after a few months. Hopefully this monthly post will help us, and anyone who needs it, have a clearer picture of what was picked up over the year.

Newly Licensed in the U.S.

Newly Streaming in the U.S.

New Anime/Manga Projects in Japan


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