REPOST – The Speakeasy #003: Coconut Monkey, Can you feel the One Piece love?

Drink #003: Coconut Monkey,
Can you feel the One Piece love?

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I will mercifully refrain from singing modified lyrics to one of Elton John’s contributions to the Lion King soundtrack and merely ask in written form why is there not as much love for One Piece in the U.S. (and most of the English speaking fandom) as there is in Japan. How does the number one shonen franchise in Japan become a third tier property here? We will be looking at One Piece’s popularity in Japan, why it is so good, and what we think is holding it back. Let go on a voyage to find the answers to . . . One Piece!


And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drin

Coconut Monkey
*1 oz. white rum
*1 oz. apricot brandy
*3/4 oz. coconut cream
*1 1/2 oz. pineapple juice

Shake and strain into a double-cocktail glass filled with crushed ice.

7 thoughts on “REPOST – The Speakeasy #003: Coconut Monkey, Can you feel the One Piece love?

  1. Justin says:

    Good podcast you guys. Here’s some notes (essentially) I took while listening:

    “Oh…it’s probably true that most are kids that are not educated about piracy. But so far, I have yet to actually meet someone around 13-14 that’s like that so until I do, I feel that it’s not true. People around my age (20-24) do know about piracy…and well, it’s complicated. Aside from both your reasons, there are so many reasons why they stay away from official releases, and it generally involves the smallest of details, including subbing, quality, speed, and all of that stuff. I also (and you probably notice this as well) is some parts of the fandom is rarely informed (or choose not to be, to put it lightly, informed) of a lot of things…so unless publishers somehow change their advertising methods, it’ll stay that way O.o

    For the pirate question for Anime it’s the same as Hisui for me. If it’s not licensed, I have no choice but to find a site that shows it. Just about the same for Manga, though like for 20th Century Boys, I had been buying the manga volumes until I got to either 16 or 17, but the cliffhanger was so good I had no choice but to read the scans O.o And sadly, the same case with Negima. Though I have been withholding for Fairy Tail :D And yes I still buy when I get the chance.

    For the Bunny Drop thing, I didn’t know about the ending until ANN blew it up so there goes that (scroll down) :D”

    All right, now overall, the points are valid, but one thing I would have liked would have been an overall mention of piracy…worldwide. I feel that if manga/anime were legally available worldwide, there would be some more awareness of both. But alas, the focus is “America, America, America…and maybe X country–” so for now, I’d say the root of it begins with JP publishers…then trickles down to many levels from there. Fair assessment or off base? Anyways, sorry for this being so long, but there was a lot to say^^

    • reversethieves says:

      I think there are some kids who have no idea what they are doing are wrong, many kids who know perfectly well what they are doing, and many kids who claim that just CLAIM they have no idea what they are doing is wrong. So you have to educate to reduce the first category as you can’t do anywhere as much with the last two categories. But yes, the more people are aware of the legal alternatives the better you will be doing. But you have to make people aware of the legal alternatives.

      There is a lot of grey morality in fandom. I know very few people who don’t pirate a little but it all comes down to where you cross the line. I know my morality is a bit flexible that some people would approve of but I am OK with that. I know some people would tell you just to suck it up and wait. But such are moral choices.

      Oh Bunny Drop. That is all I will say. Sadly that turned many people off to what could have been a much more universal hit. Not a mainstream hit but a series that had a strong older fan following. That ending will easily turn off many people and for understandable reasons.

      I try not to talk TOO much about foreign piracy as while I am neck deep in the situation in American I can say I am more than passingly familiar to what happens in other countries. So I know I personally try to avoid putting my foot in my mouth and just make assumptions about countries outside of my own.

      – Hisui

  2. foshizzel says:

    fufufuf I love me some One piece! Luffy makes this series so much fun, but then again I can totally get behind the whole crew because each of them have their stand out moments and of course hilarious moments together <3

    Great podcast!

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