The June Line-Up

In a rare turn, Anime Expo is straddling the line between June and July so most of the announcements have ended up here! But I’m sure San Diego Comic-Con and Otakon will bring plenty of news for July as well. Still the licensing and streaming announcements this month are staggering. I’m really looking forward to another anime season where almost everything is being simulcast!

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war. So begins the turbulent time that we know as Convention Season. Right out of the gate Anime Expo lays down some righteous licensing smackdowns as well as the now normal deluge of streaming announcements that come with a new anime season. But if this seems hectic it is still only the beginning. Next month will not have as many streaming shows but the title pick ups should be just as impressive. Lets hope that the rumor that Penguindrum is licensed is not just people trying to get our hopes up!

The Line-Up is a monthly rundown of newly licensed in the U.S., newly streaming in the U.S., and newly announced anime and manga projects.

Newly Licensed in the U.S.

Newly Streaming/Broadcasting in the U.S.

New Anime/Manga Projects in Japan

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