Type-Moon Fes: A Metric Ton of News

On July 7th and 8th was one of the keystone moments of the year for Type-Moon fans. It was the Type-Moon Fes, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Type-Moon. There were events with the voice actors from various Type-Moon games, concert performances, exclusive merchandise, and of course curry. There were also a good deal of announcements about up coming Type-Moon projects as well. I figured I would run them down here for anyone who did not want to dig through various pages looking for the juicy tidbits they might have missed.

The biggest news that everyone covered was that Mirai Fukuin (Gospel in the Future) would be animated. It is a bonus story from Kara no Kyoukai that mainly centers around Shiki’s daughter, Mana. I know that when the Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray box set was announced as having a bonus movie there was a good deal of speculation that it would be an adaption of Mirai Fukuin. When the 8th movie was just an animated version of the epilogue I know there was a bit of an outcry that they wasted their time on a minor point of interest when they ignored a far more substantial piece of story. Clearly Type-Moon has never been the types to leave money sitting on the table so they answered that demand. I will be glad to see it animated although I am sure it will be licensed by Aniplex at insane Aniplex prices.

The other news most people talked about was the fact that ufotable is also doing the animation on the new openings for the PS Vita port of Fate/Stay Night Réalta Nua. Fate/Stay Night Réalta Nua was originally the PS2 version of Fate/Stay Night with all the sexy sex removed and in return had some “amusingscenes in their place as well as some new animation and an epilogue. Apparently other than the new openings and a new bonus game called Tobidase! Trouble Hanafuda Douchuuki 2 they are not adding much new material. They cleaned up the graphics a bit from the PS2 version and added touch screen support but I hardly consider those major additions. I was hoping for a bit more content to connect Fate/Stay Night with Fate/Zero. Maybe a little additional Kiritsugu related dialog or a bit more passing mention to Kariya. I suppose Type-Moon has enough on their plate as it is but now would seem like the prefect time to add such material as the anime just ended.

But there were also very other big announcements I did not see talked about anywhere but a few blogs. Sensha Otoko aka is getting a full write-up in the TYPE-MOON Anniversary Phantasm book. The Train Man parody staring Fate/Zero characters will come to life in full glory. Once again Type-Moon has never been the types to leave money sitting on the table.

Tsuki no Sango (Corals of the Moon) is getting a manga by Sasaki Shonen who also did the Tsukihime manga. This has a far greater change of getting translated than the Maaya Sakamoto streaming performance or the 42 page booklet version. I wonder if someone like Vertical would be interested in picking this up as it can easily have Nasu and Type-Moon pasted on the front but it will probably only be one book to license.

Hoshizora Meteor who is also working on Girls’ Work is coming out with a novel entitled Fire Girls. BUNBUN will be doing the art. I have to wonder if this ties back into Girls’ Work or if this is a stand alone project. I have not seen many details about the project since they released those Eri Takenashi sketches a while back. It would be nice to see some progress on Girls’ Work even if it is just as a light novel. I am curious what Hoshizora Meteor can do free from the need to put in porn scenes into his work. By the way, it is almost impossible to find any information out about Hoshizora Meteor in English other than a few offhanded mentions of his name in relation to games he has worked on.

Fate/Apocrypha also has a more defined release date. There is definitely something coming on in the Winter of 2012. At first I heard it was going to be an OVA bit it now seems more likely it will be the light novel that was announced a little while back. Can’t wait to see Shakespeare, the Playwright in action. Joan of Arc has also long since been a major request by fans so seeing her for more than a second in Fate/Zero will be fun as well.

Since they brought it up I should mention that there were Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya details. Silver Link will be doing the animation and Shin Oonuma will be directing. The anime comes out in 2013 but they did not say during which season. Will I watch this? Begrudgingly. Will I be proud of that fact? No. Will this get me put on some sort of list of people to be the first against the wall when the revolution comes? That is a distinct possibility. And I can’t really argue with that decision.

Two drama CD series were also announced. One for Fate/Extra and one for Hibiki Hibino and Chikagi Katsuragi. Considering that the Fate/Extra version of Saber and Caster both placed on the most recent popularity poll it is no surprise that they are getting additional materials. I said back when I reviewed Caster’s path that I thought she would be well suited for materials out side of the PSP game. And Red Saber is just popular in general. Maybe those two will be able to break a bit more into other mediums. Red Saber already did a cameo in Carnival Phantasm. We could see a Fate/Extra anime down the line.

I am curious about the Fate/Extra manga. Has anyone read that?

As for the Hibiki and Chikagi project I don’t know much about it other than it is named Starlit Marmalade. But the mascot characters of the Type-Moon mobile site are the single least talked about piece of the Type-Moon universe in the English-speaking world. I don’t really know anything about them other than I short conversation I had with someone on Twitter from Japan. They seem popular enough as they get a good deal of merchandise so someone likes them.

They also played  the alternative version of episode twelve of Carnival Phantasm. In episode four Shiki and Shiro try to come up with a plan to date all the heroines of their respective series. At the end of the episode there was a link to the Type-Moon web page where you could vote what happened in episode 12 ala Batman: A Death in the Family. You could either vote for them to go with the plan or scrap it and just date the main heroines.

The vote went overwhelmingly with the “date all the girls” plan. Of course in the episode it all went horribly awry in stereotypical sitcom fashion. But this time they showed the animation for the alternate choice. That has Shiki and Shiro having pleasant dates and then facing deadly passive aggressive displeasure from the girls who they stood up over the next few days.

I am sure they will release that as a separate little bonus either on its own or as an extra with something else. Maybe they will throw it in Anniversary Phantasm or the next Type-Moon Ace.

The final announcements were two very important preview videos. The first was some video for Fate/Extra CCC. Apparently there were no major revelations. It was just a sneak preview at the first commercial for the game.

The other preview was an actual video for the Tsukihime remake. It is not just Nasu waxing poetic on how nice it would be but actual physical evidence that things are being worked on. It was more of a teaser than anything else. It showed of some of the new character designs but other than that did not reveal too much. Sacchin fans will have to wait to see if they finally get their path. But that will be a post on its own about this because I have a bit to rant about.

But no matter how much I might complain in the next post about the reaction to the Tsukihime remake I want to state that I am very excited to see it come out. I really want to replay Tsukihime in general and some new shine and polish will distinctly add to the experience. I am very curious to see what they do with this. Tsukihime always seems like the neglected older brother next to Fate/Stay Night. Maybe this will get them on slightly more even ground.

Maybe people will hate Ciel slightly less. Maybe. But that is probably crazy talk.

That is an insane amount of Type-Moon news. I am a little surprised there has been very little leaked video from the event. I expected to see videos from the event a few hours after it started. But so far none have trickled my way. Heck the only way I have seen the updated character designs from the Tsukihime remake preview is via fanart. I am sure some either official or unofficial video will drop soon enough. Until then there is a lot to look forward too.

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