The August Line-Up

Not a ton of stuff caught my attention this month. That being said, there were still plenty of new announcements from Japan! And with summer con season over it isn’t surprising to hear license news dip a bit. But of course we can expect next month to have plenty of streaming news with the new season about to start.

After the last two months that have been a flurry of announcements due to convention season August seems down right tranquil. Everyone but Discotek and Digital Manga Publishing seem to be taking a breather and working on all the things they just announced. But don’t worry. The falls season starts soon enough and that means more announcements indeed.

The Line-Up is a monthly rundown of newly licensed in the U.S., newly streaming in the U.S., and newly announced anime and manga projects.

Newly Licensed in the U.S.

Newly Streaming/Broadcasting in the U.S.

New Anime/Manga Projects in Japan


One thought on “The August Line-Up

  1. Selvinas says:

    I still think this is a lot especially considering I still wanted to watch some anime from the spring/summer line up!
    Just didn’t have the time!

    Well, guess I will have to spend a relaxing weekend watching some anime after a good studying session!

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