11 Titles Not to Overlook in the RightStuf Sale

It is the Holiday season again which means sales, sales and even more sales. So most of us are looking for gifts for friends and family while trying to snag some nice deals for ourselves in the process. One of the best places to get great prices on anime this time of year is the RightStuf 12 Days of Savings (which is actually 16 days at this point but why quibble over such details).

With so many titles to choose from it might seem a bit daunting deciding what to get. So we picked out some titles you might have overlooked. And if you already made a RightStuf purchase, it’s not that hard to make another and still get free shipping. Plus you can always be a good otaku and get some of your fellow fans something they may like for the season. We tried to select a nice mixture of titles with a wide range of prices. Some make great stocking stuffers while others are big packages at a nice price.

The RightStuf 12 Days of Savings ends on December 14th.

Under $10

Translucent Vol. 1 (manga) $4.98 A sweet and melancholy story of a girl who contracts a disease that slow turns her invisible. A heartfelt young romance rounds out this story and its not so subtle metaphor about growing up. Plus, if you fall in love with this series it will encourage Dark Horse to release the remaining two volumes.

GTO Shonan 14 Days Vol. 1 (manga) $5.48 Remember when GTO was the cat’s meow in fandom? Its mix of slightly raunchy humor, action, drama, and heart made it a darling among fans. But since then it has left the consciousness of fandom a bit. But here is a new adventure for Onizuka to hopefully reignite some of that passion fandom had for the original. If you’re an old GTO fan, this is a wonderful time to renew the love and if you’re unfamiliar, it is a great place to start.

Here is Greenwood (OVA) $8.69 As the first shojo anime to be officially licensed in the U.S., Here is Greenwood has a long history with the fandom. It does a great job of taking a nine volume manga and condensing the highlights into six episodes. It is a mostly comedic romantic story that tickles the heart and the funny bone. The first four episodes are a lot of slapstick comedy and the last two highlight the big romantic climax of the story.

Under $20

Beck Mongolian Chop Squad (TV series) $13.49 Everyone has dreams of being a super cool rockstar at some point in their life, right? But anyone who has been in a band will tell you that is not a dream easily realized. The Beck anime is about as close as most of us will get to that dream. An honest heartfelt story about falling in love with music meeting cool characters along the way and creating great songs with them.

Le Chevalier d’Eon (TV Series) $14.99 Intrigue, historical magical conspiracies, adventure, and Production I.G-style all in one package. Sadly this series has gone neglected by far too many people. It has tight plotting and wonderful writing alongside a few really genuine surprises. It creates a creepy but fascinating supernatural take on France just before the Revolution and has an amazing ending that will knock your socks off.

Taisho Baseball Girls (TV series) $18.49 This is just a show with refreshingly gentle and pleasant feeling. This story of a girl’s baseball team which has the spirit of feminism and strength but at the same time always feels light and affirming. The Taisho setting helps give it a unique vibe that sets it apart as well. Also there is a random musical number highlighting the sights of Tokyo in the first episode.

Under $35

Twelve Kingdoms Part 1 (TV Series) $24.99 One of the genres American fans always want but never get enough off is serious fantasy anime. Twelve Kingdoms delivers in a world that is very different from the standard Dungeons and Dragons universe while still having a sense of being high fantasy. Also having a great female protagonist really helps it stand out from the pack.

Rideback (TV Series) $32.49 For people who robots with a little more of political backbone there is Rideback. A mixture of political uprising and mecha it has a much more weighty feeling as the series goes on but it starts with a light air that draws you in. Plus the transforming motorcycle robots are sure to please any serious robot fan.

Princess Jellyfish (TV series) $34.99 Friendship, romance, fashion, oh and a house full of otaku girls hiding from the world. But of course that can’t last as their world gets turned upside down by a crossdressing guy, his brother, and a redevelopment board trying to tear down the girls’ house. Things can go from high energy comedy to softly relatable without missing a beat.

Big Spender

House of Five Leaves (TV series) $39.99 House of Five Leaves just has oodles of style. Set in an era of Samurai this tells a very different story than your stereotypical chambara tale. It is a quiet character piece that soaks in its atmosphere and characters to let their stories gracefully unfold. With a unique visual style that almost makes it feel like a woodblock print, the mature storytelling comes alive.

Psychic Squad (TV series) $50.99 It is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but Psychic Squad is a fun adventure that mixes psychic powered action with comedy in pleasing proportions. For all its dumb comedy, and slightly racy content, there is a solid story about prejudice, acceptance, growing up, and prophecy. But it is mostly dumb comedy. And sometimes that is just what you need.

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