Such RightStuf Sale

Every year Right Stuf pulls out all the stops in a holiday sale so big it nearly breaks the banks for otaku across the country! We’ve decided to highlight just a fraction of the great deals worth checking out. The sale ends on Christmas Day.

Junior Detective Sale

It is the sacred duty of the Reverse Thieves blog to mention when you can get deals on Detective anime.

Detective Conan S1 S2 S3 S4 S5
Detective Conan Movie 3 Movie 4 Movie 5 Movie 6
Umineko: When they Cry Premium Edition
UN-GO Complete Collection

Remember When CLAMP Was Excellent Sale

There was a time when CLAMP seemed like the untouchable queens of manga. Their reputation is nowhere near as unassailable as it used to be but these titles still speak to why they were seemingly invincible.

Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus 1 Omnibus 2 Omnibus 3 Omnibus 4
Clover Omnibus
Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus 1 Omnibus 2
Magic Knight Rayearth S1
Tokyo Babylon Omnibus 1 Omnibus 2
X TV Complete Collection

Fantasy Violence Fest Sale

What could be more perfect for the holidays than loads of death?

Attack on Titan Manga Bundle
Berserk Manga Bundle 1 Bundle 2 Bundle 3 Bundle 4
Berserk Movie 1 Movie 2
Claymore Manga Bundle 1 Bundle 2 Bundle 3
Claymore Anime Complete Collection
Guin Saga Complete Collection
Legends of the Dark King: Fist of the North Star Story
Ninja Scroll

All the Mangas Sale

Complete manga sets for the taking. No waiting for the next volume!

Death Note Box Set
House of Five Leaves Bundle
Karakuri Odette Bundle
Limit Bundle
Ouran High School Host Club Box Set

Revolutionary Ladies Sale

Amazing ladies and the dramatic times that shape them.

Le Chevalier D’Eon Complete Collection
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Complete Collection
Princess Tutu Complete Collection
The Rose of Versailles Limited Edition Bundle
Revolutionary Girl Utena Limited Edition Bundle
Twelve Kingdoms Collection 1 Collection 2 Collection 3

Mecha Madness Sale

An equally important duty for the blog is to show you when you could be saving money on robot anime. From new surprises to classics, there is a lot of mecha love in this year’s sale.

AKB0048 S1
Beast King GoLion Complete Collection
Broken Blade Complete Collection

MazinKaiser SKL
Patlabor TV Collection 1 TV Collection 2 OVA
RideBack Complete Collection

Nobody Likes These But Us Sale

We kid, but you take our meaning.

And Yet The Town Moves Complete Collection
Hatsukoi Limited Complete Collection
Heat Guy J Complete Collection

Hyakko Complete Collection
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Complete Collection
No. 6 Complete Collection
Samurai Deeper Kyo Complete Collection
Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy Collection 1 Collection 2

Bonus: Type-Moon News Roundup Sale

For anyone who regularly reads the Type-Moon News Roundup this is your chance to get any of the Type-Moon anime you might have been on the fence about for one reason or another.

Canaan Complete Collection
Fate/Stay Night Collection 1 Collection 2
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Fate/Zero Collection 1
Lunar Legend Tsukihime Complete Collection


4 thoughts on “Such RightStuf Sale

    • reversethieves says:

      I fully admit that I picked most of those titles half asleep on Sunday and then wrote up most of it quickly on Monday morning. Kate then thankfully cleaned it up after that and filled in A LOT of important holes. I’m sure we missed one or two excellent title because of that.

      But feel free to throw in some other recommendations. We are hardly the be all and end all of anime taste making. ;)

      – Alain

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