The Speakeasy #050: Perfect Love, 11 Anime and Manga We loveLoveLOVE

Drink #050: Perfect Love
11 Anime and Manga We loveLoveLOVE

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to focus in on our all-time favorite anime and manga. It was a difficult task, but we feel our lists reflect us pretty well. And let’s remember, this is a celebration of what we love, not necessarily the best anime and manga ever made. Think of it this way: If you could only watch 11 anime and read 11 manga for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Perfect Love

  • 2 parts Vodka
  • 1 part Maraschino liqueur
  • 1 part Parfait amour
  • 5 Ice cubes
  • 1 Lemon rind

First pour (into a tumbler) the vodka, then the parfait amour, then the maraschino liqueur over the ice.


2 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #050: Perfect Love, 11 Anime and Manga We loveLoveLOVE

  1. reversethieves says:

    Alain puts up comments from Twitter:

    Vincenzo Averello –
    Top 3 Anime:
    1) Legend of the Galactic Heroes
    2) Mobile Suit Gundam
    3) The Professional Golgo 13 or Space Adventure Cobra

    Edward Sizemore –
    Top 3 Manga:
    1) Astro Boy
    2) Pluto
    3) Yotsuba

    Top 3 Anime:
    1) Princess Mononoke
    2) Ghost in Shell: Innocence
    3) Cowboy Bebop

  2. kadian1365 says:

    3 Anime:
    1) Kare Kano
    2) Haibane Renmei
    3) Crest of the Stars

    I don’t consume nearly as much manga as I do anime, but if I had to pick 3 they’d be:
    1) Rurouni Kenshin
    2) Genshiken
    3) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

    I believe an individual’s favorites list is a window to what made them a fan in their early years. The choices usually concentrate from the period that person got really invested into anime/manga and have stuck with them ever since. It’s simple from there to estimate what era of fandom that person came from.

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