Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #002: The Strongest (and Sexiest) Popsicle Stand Worker

hisui_icon_4040 OK! We can do this! I think I can really catch up. I’m a little worried I am cursing myself by typing these words but we shall see how that works out. If something goes utterly wrong I have a plan where I just make this paragraph a quote as proof that when I started writing this I had nothing but high hopes.

The beach episode is the beach episode. It is practically written into the DNA of a show like this. The show could no more resists the calls of the ocean (or Waku Waku Splash) than a moth can resist the flame. The sooner this passes the sooner they can get back to card collecting and delving into Miyu’s past. 

The beach means sun, fun, water, food, and fanservice. While Miyu is acting a little odd at the triple birthday party everyone is still having a good time despite  Tatsuko’s best efforts. Then Issei Ryuudou notices some odd things about the local Edelfelt construction project. Then curses, frogs, and grudges come up. Then Ruby gets involved.

Yeah. Things quickly go downhill.

Nope. No. No No. This is no way to start an episode.

Keep your dang clothing on Tatsuko. No one wishes to see your shame. I know like someone else your goal is to be a sexy woman like Fujiko Mine but it will never happen.

Also what happened to her getting hit by a car like is the proper flow of the will of heaven?

On the other hand the ladies are getting what they need from Shiro’s traveling companion, Issei. Now it has been clear for a while that Suzuka Kurihara is a world-class fujoshi. I mean her character design screams “I draw boys love comics of people I know.” But overall she did not even need to be there for the audience to read into Shiro and Issei’s relationship. You get the feeling Issei is the one going back home and writing yaoi fanfics about him and Shiro. A single fujoshi would be like nothing more than a grain of sand dropped into a desert.

Miyu has always been a little odd but the trip to the beach really shows that there is much more to her unusual childhood than she is letting one. The fact that she was apparently just living on the street when Luvia found her was suspicious enough as is. Now she fact that she sees an ocean that you can freely swim in like a magical unicorn, a beast more of legend than a real thing says volumes. The fact that birthday parties seem like a new invention to her should raise more flags than it does with our rather dense cast.

You just have to assume they all think she has been in some exotic far off land like America and that is why she is so odd. Because we don’t have oceans or birthday parties in the USA. As anyone who has lived in or visited America will know.

Also Miyu really needs to team up with Shunsuke Hongou. He could get her on the national team without breaking a sweat. Illya could be her hoe filled Shouyou Hinata self and Miyu can be the Tobio Kageyama (with a little Tomoyo mixed in there.)

Oh madame. You are a sight for sore eyes. In a sea of tween fan service it was very nice to see Miss McRemitz in a swimsuit. Plus it means that Bazett can be around for more than just punching things.

This is a good thing. Nay, it is a wonderful thing.

We see that no matter if it is Fate/Hollow AtaraxiaCarnival PhantasmCapsule Servant, or Fate/tiger colosseum in every universe Bazett is a hard-working freelancer who never seems to get anything but the short end of the stick despite the fact that she is a powerhouse. While the trio assumes Bazett is there is beat them down she is actually there to shake them down and get them to buy overpriced ice pops.

Note: Those ice pops are from the Rip-Off Church that is the Gakumazawa beach side restaurant. See! Tatsuko is evil! Think about it. She is the only one who freezes in an Acala form later on when everyone else is peaceful Buddhas.

Apparently everyone is the hero of their own story. Even Tatsuko.

Now some of you might be tempted to learn more about the inner life and adventures of Tatsuko Gakumazawa. I have one simple answer to that thought.


I already mentioned what an odd duck Miyu is during the birthday party as if she were a robot from Mars so I will mention the other important point of interest. Illya and Miyu get the same pendent from Shiro where as Chloe gets a different one. It does not seem that big a deal but it is worth noting. So far the show has gone out of its way to do one of two things. It either links the trio to one another equally or makes a big deal how they are different. The story almost never equates Miyu with Illya and leaves out Chloe. That should be a big clue that there is a link between Miyu and Illya that for one reason or another is not connected to Chloe. I won’t say what that is but it is worth mentioning so you can look for it if you don’t already know what it is.

I had forgotten that they already introduced the fact that Nanaki Moriyama’s sister and her little shadow war with Rin and Luvia over who dates Shiro. I think of Nanami more with the story where Nanaki has to learn martial arts to avenge her sister than anything else but it is much later on.

I did find it interesting that even in this alternate timeline Issei has a passion for blowing the lid off of Rin’s (and by extension Livua’s) plans in an attempt to keep her away from Shiro. Then again considering Carnival Phantasm episode 7 he always stands in the way of Caster’s romantic plans. He really is just a little vagina blocker.

Also while Rin and Luvia are always at each other’s throats with each other this episode seems to prove they can work together to fight outside forces. A real “Me against my brother. Me and my brother against my cousin. Me and my cousin against a stranger” situation.

But as the fires of anger break out it seems that Illya is a spoke in all of the interconnected gears. As very put upon spoke.

But no matter how bad things get Ruby can always make it worse. As the inheritor of the legacy of Kohaku it seems that Ruby is also the master of strange medicines that make more problems than solve them.

It seems that Sapphire as the inheritor of the Hisui legacy only gets the job of cleaning up messes made by her sister.

Then again Sapphire winds up cleaning things up by hypnotizing everyone into forgetting some troublesome information. So maybe she has picked up some abilities from her alter ego.

Mimi will one day be able to be summoned as an Assassin because she has learned (even if involuntarily) to completely dissipate her presence with ease. Will she have some sort of manga assistant based noble phantasm?  Only time will tell.

Either that or she will learn to pass a basketball without being noticed on the court. The basketball that Mimi plays.

Thanks to the dutiful little sister wand all’s well that ends well. The fact that the episode ends on a shot of the two stars cannot be a mere coincidence. Well it could be but then it would just be a bad piece of storytelling.

The preview for the next episode seems to be centered around an audio drama for the BL doujinshi about Kurihara‘s real life shipping. I’m guessing with the title being “Girls, Life is Short, So Rot Away” they are going to focus of the omake chapters with the girls exploring the world of boys love and being true fujoshi. I’m sure Carl from Ogiue Maniax will be thrilled.

It will also be a good insight into the fact that while she is quiet Mimi is just as insane as her friends. She just does not wear that fact on here sleeves.

One of these days we will get to cards and ley lines. But those episode are not any time soon.

– Alain



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