Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #003: Mimi’s Misdirection Overflow

hisui_icon_4040 In a way this is the Misdirection Overflow episode for Mimi Katsura. If you have never seen Kuroko’s Basketball I will explain what that means. The titular Kuroko’s basketball power is called Misdirection. (This is a show where people have techniques that might as well be magical basketball powers.) Misdirection works on the fact that Kuroko is so unremarkable that people even look over him when he is on the basketball court. This lets him pass and shoot unopposed most of the time which makes his the ultimate facilitator to the stars to the team. Sound like anyone else? One of his more esoteric powers is that he can stand out on the court in a way that gives everyone else the Misdirection power.

In many ways Mimi is using the Misdirection Overflow power here. She is a character who is normally so in the background that everyone overlooks her. So when she shines it sticks out like a sore thumb and districts everyone else from some things happening in the background.

When she eventually becomes a Heroic Spirit and is summoned in the 9th Holy Grail war she will make a most excellent Assassin for whoever summons her.

Also now that I think about it Mimi is actually more like Stealth Momo from Saki.

This is also an unexpectedly Boys Love oriented episode. For a show that has such a strong yuri core to it the examination of the BL side of the force is strong. I mean Ogiue Maniax got three posts out of this little side story arc in the manga for his Fujoshi Files. There is some high level boy’s love talk going on here. The dive deep into the rotten backstreets of Otome Road. It makes me wonder if the hard-core fujoshi character has become its own fetish with men. It does seem like at times the high level fujoshi in shows is there to appeal to the guys as much as any women who might identity with her.

When Mimi has a bit of a sexual awakening it does not go unnoticed by Suzuka. But instead of introducing Mimi to some nice single girls she instead drags her own into the addictive world of BL doujinshi. But what happens when the magical girl trio is told of Mimi’s transformation into a hard-core rotten girl?

BTW: That is a fairly blatantly supposed to be a Naruto doujinshi. I feel like they usually try to hind that sort of reference a little more subtlety.


Oh poor Mimi. If she only realized that she could upgrade her Class S feelings into being a full-fledged and self-aware lesbian she would be far happier and self actualized. Oh well. Then we would not have this comedy. Comedy is often all about characters making the wrong choices.

Illya’s little study session quickly goes south because she invited too many slackers with too much time on their hands. This is the recipe for procrastination. Even without Tatsuko the hard workers still work hard and the goldbrickers put off for tomorrow what should be done today. But Mimi who is usually in team hardworking is too busy with her pent-up … “creative energy.” Since she has the block she can’t move forward with her work. Lucky for her a mixture of the tension between the magical girl trio and a bit of a fujoshi spin turns their argument into more fodder than a Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyū!! crossover.

There is something amusing about Illya, Chloe, and Miyu arguing. While they are passive-aggressively talking about their complaints about the other two and how they act as magical girls Mimi sees it all as a code for their lover’s quarrels. The thing is the show often has this same gaze about the three of them all well. As much as the focus of the show is supposed to be about them as magical girls at times the show cares more about the yuri bait between the three of them. In a way while Mimi is supposed to be reading things the wrong way maybe she is secretly seeing the truth of her world more clearly than anyone else. Maybe even clearer than the creators of the show.

As a side note I’m waiting for the spin-off where they make the anime about the story of the gender swapped Illya, Chloe, and Miyu. There is some real potential in that mixture.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) Suzuka is able to smell her own kind no matter how well she might be hidden. When Suzuka’s sister needs new material in time for not-comiket Mimi and her stories are offered up as rotten material for the rotten god. It takes a little arm twisting but once Mimi starts down the path towards the heart of true appreciation for yaoi. It feels like the fujoshi version of Otaku no Video. Only there is no talk of the creation of a Fujoshiland.


Before we begin I would just like to point out that they blatantly use Kiritsugu and Kotomine as the examples for forbidden and dangerous doujinshi pairings. They clearly know what a major segment of the Fate/Zero audience wanted. (You know. The ones who were not shipping Rider and Waver Velvet.)

I am amused that Illya is SHOCKED by the content of the doujinshi in full hoe mode, Chloe merely seemed amused and more than a little curious, and Miyu was taking it in like a scientist.

There is something really amusing about Suzuka’s crazy high level otaku talk. While I clearly was catching more than Illya I can’t say that I knew every term that was being laid down. I have to admit I felt a little humbled. It also makes you think, “Do I sound like that to people who don’t know that much about anime?”

It is interesting that Illya does not know anything about what Suzuka is talking about. She clearly watches some anime as she was well versed in magical girl tropes. I guess she is the stereotypical “casual.” She knows about the popular stuff for her demographic but nothing more.

Also Illya, Chloe, and Miyu being trapped in the closet seemed to be some sort of ass shot catharsis. It was as if the animators realized they had not put the camera on the girls butts enough and were trying to make up for lost time.

The fujoshi empress is ANGRY! Do not anger the kifujin. It seems she will not stand for everyone dog piling on Mimi for her tastes.

The thing is all I can say is that if you were to show this episode to the wrong people it would go over like a lead balloon. The whole discussion of BL, homosexuality, acceptance, and friendship could be considered … problematic. It felt a little uncomfortable at points. In the end they come to a general place of “everyone has their own stuff man so lets just live and let live.” They come to it in an awkward manner but they get there. It is a little don’t ask don’t tell but what are you going to do.

I will say that when they show the road to fujoshi mastery being a dark spiraling pit down towards true darkness I had to laugh. I think anyone trying to get deeper into a nerdy hobby had felt the same way about the pursuit of their goal.

Also is this some hidden path to the root? Someone should really tell the Mage’s Association about this. (Unless it is a trap to a dark ascension towards an evil enlightenment.)

Well it seems that Mimi was just as weird as everyone else in the group. She just does not let her freak flag fly as often as the others. When you freak out the kifujin you might want to think about your life choices.

Also never forget the Misdirection Overflow. Since everyone’s eyes on Mimi and her outburst they totally miss that Miyu is 100% on board with Mimi and what she is laying down. That is probably my favorite part of the episode.

In the end this was a silly like dive into Mimi who did really did not have anywhere else to shine. If nothing else you will probably remember this episode. You can’t say that about a lot of filler.

Speaking of filler it seems that everyone is off to the theme park. I was getting a bit of a Amagi Brilliant Park vibe. I wonder if we see Saber Lion given the theme of the park.

– Alain



2 thoughts on “Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #003: Mimi’s Misdirection Overflow

  1. Pan says:

    Just watched this…I appreciate typmoon doing winks to his generally not very well recieve fanbase, but instead of being supporting this all just helps to feed the Bl fans are disgusting thinking, the girls were laughing and being supportive by the end but the fantasies were still described as embarrassing coming from the Fujoshi themselves, those who aren’t into this and have little to no knowledge will leave the ep thinking of it a sick pervert hoby, yaoi and yuri have shitty tropes and mess up stories, that I won’t deny, but the point done here had nothing to do with that, they called it embarrassing for imagining sex sex characters doing it, that was it, soit’s worse, this feeds homophobia as well (very disappointed by Illya’s men shouldn’t date men comment) I could go on and start talking about hypocrsy when it comes to calling this sick while other really disturbing things happen in casual media (and I have to say…this is coming from a show with lolis making out) and no one bats an eye but I think I already wrote too much, to summarize, this episode just made things worse and I wish they hadn’t written it.

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