12 Wonderful Female Servants That Need To Be Added to Fate/Grand Order

hisui_icon_4040 OK. I recently made a big deal about the gender distribution of servants in the Fate universe and found that while people constantly complain that there are more female Servants than male Servants the reverse is actually true. The real reason people feel that way is that the female Servants get a lion’s share of the attention despite being fewer in number. There are a lot of reasons for that but the gender-bent Servants are no small contributing factor. So in order to counterbalance that I made a list of awesome historical characters that would make great female Servants and you would not have to touch their gender in the slightest.

One quick rule: There is currently a supposedly data mined list of characters who have code in the Fate/Grand Order game but have not been revealed yet. So while that list has not been fully confirmed yet there are some magazine spoilers and leaked images have shown that at least part of the list is correct. With that in mind I won’t pick any characters from that list as I’m going to assume they are already in Fate/Grand Order. So no Cleopatra, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, or Tomoe Gozen. At this point they are practically canonical.

Amelia Earhart – Rider

One of the most famous female aviators thanks to the mystery around her disappearance during her 1937 world flight. But even before then she was a larger than life figure who was a trailblazer, record breaker and feminist icon. While you normally think of member of the Rider being on animals it has become clear that all sorts of vehicles are fair game therefore an airplane is hardly off the table. 

She works for several reasons. First of all there have not been any solid flying Servants. Her addition could open the door to figures like Manfred von RichthofenRaymonde de Laroche, and Aladdin and his magic carpet. Also you could get a Rider version of Gilgamesh with Vimana. Secondly she just has a such a mysterious circumstances around her final flight combined with her skill as a pilot to make her a mythological character as well as a historical hero.

Catherine the Great – Rider

The problem is merely being the spouse of a powerful ruler is no matter what your accomplishments you end up mostly being an interesting footnote alongside your spouse no matter how monumental your contributions. As significant at Theodora was she will almost always be merely mentioned alongside Justinian I while the it is not the case the other way around. That means that when you have a female ruler like Catherine the Great she is one of the few times that a female monarch has the chance to really make her own legacy. Catherine the Great was undoubtedly one of the most prolific and celebrated of the Russian rulers as well as someone who single handily changed the history of the world as a whole.

She was also just a remarkable examine of the Enlightenment who expanded Russia militarily while also making great contributions to banking, arts and culture, education, as well a spiritual affairs. She also has a string of younger lovers during her rule that surely makes her the envy of many a woman.

I went with making her a Rider mostly because of her ties to the equestrian arts as seen in her numerous portraits while riding horses as well a the fact that Marie Antoinette was also made a Rider. I did not choose Rider because of the urban legend around her death. If anything the fact that her political rivals made up such rumors to discredit her is just more evidence of how remarkably powerful she was. They really could not do anything to her in life so instead they had to strike after she had passed.

Diaochan – Assassin

Despite recent additions Assassin is probably the most underdeveloped of all the classes. They really need some higher rarity characters that make the assassins  to be equal to the other main six classes. (It will be interesting to see how true that is a year or two from now when the class gets more members.) Diaochan would make an excellent Servant that could help balance things out.

Diaochan is known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China so right off the bat I am sure that she can easily get a seat at the Servant table as I’m sure she would be a popular addition to the gacha with ant sort of competent character design. Also she is tied into the fall of Dong Zhuo as Lü Bu’s lover. Fate/Grand Order loves to add in characters that are tied to other existing Servants who she would make a great fit. Also the fact that she is a staple of the Dynasty Warriors games makes it easy to picture her as a warrior.

Ada Lovelace – Caster

Being the daughter of Lord Byron, a mathematical genius, a friend and of colleague of Charles Babbage, and the first computer programmer makes her prime material for being a Caster. You already have Charles Babbage as a steampunk robot so it is the logical extension to make Ada Lovelace a Castle Falkenstein styled Victorian adventurer and sorceress. Her fascination with the concept of Poetical Science makes her a person with one foot firmly in the world of science and another in the realm of the more fantastical.

Plus her love of gambling could make her fast friends with Artoria.

Elizabeth I of England – Ruler

When you think of strong female rulers one of the few women who jump to everyone’s mind alongside Catherine the Great is the Virgin Queen. Her reign has become legendary during Elizabethan era is considered a golden age of English history. The whole cult of Elizabeth as the Virgin Queen also makes her a great pick as a Ruler that can easily be played with. Her patronage of Francis Drake and Shakespeare would make her a wonderful addition to the game.

She could also make a great Caster if you want a class that is broader than Ruler.

Khutulun – Rider

When it turned out that the new signature Saber was a gender swapped Attila the Hun there was the requisite amount of complaining. The silliest thing was if Type-Moon wanted to have a fearsome  female warrior from the Eurasian Steppe they already had Khutulun.

Khutulun is the daughter of Kaidu and a niece of Kublai Khan which makes her a direct descendant of  Genghis KhanMarco Polo and Rashid al-Din wrote extensively about her exploits. She was an insanely skilled rider and archer. She even has a legend surrounding her in which any man who wished to marry her must defeat her in wrestling and forfeit horses to her if they lost. She supposedly accumulated 10,000 horses this way. If that does not scream out, “Make me a Servant!” I don’t know what does.

She can also easily have alternate versions Archer or Berserker if she is extremely popular.

Hua Mulan – Saber

She seems like an extremely obvious oversight. I just assumed that having a Disney movie about your legend just automatically made you a Servant. She not only has a strong mythos that makes her a good candidate for the game but she has one other important function. She is the perfect counter for all characters who just male characters who have been made into women by the game. Hua Mulan’s legend has her pretending to be a man as part of the original text. They could even have it that she starts off dressed in a way that makes her look completely like a man and then dresses more feminine as you ascend her. I just think it is important that they make sure she always has her sword and look competent no matter how feminine she dresses.

Then again they could just have her in full armor the whole time and just have the armor get cooler. That would be excellent as well.


Trung Sisters – Rider

There are a lot of really solid Riders already on this list. Sadly none of them have battle elephants. That is none of them had battle elephants until I put the Trung Sisters on the list. (Let us ignore the idea of a gender swapped Hannibal for the good of everyone’s sanity.)

While they are well-known icons in Vietnam I did not know about them until I started doing some research for this article. First of all they have a legend with some amazing highs and a very tragic end. That just makes for great drama. They also touch upon a more overlooked part of Asia. There are lots of Servants from Japan and China and India recently got a nice shot in the arm but the rest of Asia has mostly gone ignored.

But most of all they rode battle elephants. If you can’t make that cool then you are not doing your job correctly. Now that Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) has introduced the idea that Rider’s can be on their mount in the battle screen it is so tempting just to picture a pair of pachyderms on the battlefield. They would drive people to spend money on the gacha with their sprite alone.

Titania – Caster

Maybe this is the influence of Disney’s Gargoyles tainting my opinions but I think we also need Titania in this game. For all that faries have show up in the backstory of items in the Type-Moon universe the fae have not really made an appearance in the term of Servants. The Queen of the faeries herself would make a wonderful 5 star Caster. She could also be tied into Saber, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, and Lancelot thanks to their weapons as well as Shakespeare due to a Midsummer Night’s Dream. You could also get Oberon as a Servant and some other notable fae which would also be cool.

Morgan le Fay – Caster

Look. She is going to find her way into this game by hook or by crook. They have been slowly but surely working in all the major characters from Arthurian lore. It is really only a mater of time before they get to Morgan le Fay. They could even throw her into the mix when they add Merlin.

She is related to Arthur in various versions of the story so it is not out of the question to make her be the Caster version of Artoria. But they could mix things up and have her look similar to Saber but still have her own character design. Stranger things have happened.

Also I am a little surprised they have not added Guinevere to the game but that is for another day.

Sekhmet – Archer

A look at the spoiler list shows that gods and goddesses have been put on the table as viable summons in Fate/Grand Order. I did not want to go overboard on them but a fun war-goddess like Sekhmet seemed like a solid choice. With titles like Destroyer of the Wicked, The Great Huntress, and the Lady of Flame she is quite a wonderful warrior goddess to add to the mix. She could also easily be a Saber or Berserker but I think we need some good Archers on this list as well.

Also it might be interesting to make a hybrid servant like Shielder and Lord El-Melloi II/Zhuge LiangAyako Mitsuzuri would make an excellent receptacle for Sekhmet as the captain of the Archery team plus it would be fun to see her dressed up in Egyptian garb.

Lizzie Borden – Berserker

I think we should end with a bit of popular Americana for the last servant on this list. Now if you look into the details of the life of Lizzie Borden it is worth noting that she was acquitted of the murders of her father and her stepmother. That said it is still one of the most famous cases of ax murder in American history. There are even folk rhyme around the murders. The legend surrounding the person is far more important than the truth when it comes to Servants. She would make a great yandere Berserker who could hang out with Kiyohime and Tamamo Cat as a trio.

This is hardly the be all and end all of great historical and fictional figures that could be excellent Servants in Fate/Grand Order. I could have easily added another dozen without too much effort. I had Annie OakleyYennengaQueen Victoria, and Parysatis on the list but decided to save them for another time. This is probably not the last time I will make a list like this so if you would like to see the sequel post moved up in my little mental queue of posts just let me know.



7 thoughts on “12 Wonderful Female Servants That Need To Be Added to Fate/Grand Order

  1. Raspin says:

    Cool ideas! Yennenga was my first thought, as well, though the Fate series doesn’t have a great track record with African Servants (which is to say, there practically aren’t any).

    I honestly would have paired up Babbage and Lovelace as a Bonny & Read-style double summon – golem makers, where he builds the “muscle”, and she programs the “brains”. Unfortunately, it is not to be… though knowing Grand Order, it’s entirely possible that a later event will crack open Babbage’s armour to reveal it was Ada Lovelace all along. Probably in a thong, because that’s how Grand Order rolls.

    Worth noting – Elizabeth I is already in the game. She’s the true identity of “Francis Drake” – hence “Drake” being female with red hair, and the mention in the Extra artbook (I think) of a story where Elizabeth dressed as a man and replaced Drake on his voyages. The real Elizabeth’s facial scar was from smallpox, rather than being a cool pirate scar… but that’s hardly the biggest liberty here.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well the only way they could theoretically get good at African Servants if they start making them.

      I really hoping Babbage and Lovelace are in fact just complementary Casters but who knows. The rumor is they made Atilla (and several other female Servants) have an extra helping of fanservice as compared to their original design in order to help drive sales so Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Ada Lovelace is not out of the question.

      I totally forgot the Francis Drake == Elizabeth I info in her bio (although I think it is more implied than anything else). It would then make Elizabeth I a great alternate class variant like Elizabeth Báthory (Lancer)/Carmilla (Assassin). As a Rider she is Francis Drake and as a Ruler she is Elizabeth I. Plus Francis Drake’s character design is rather popular so I don’t think anyone would object to more of her.

      – Alain

      • Raspin says:

        At the moment, based on leaks the grand total representation of Africa in Grand Order will be… Ozymandias, Nitocris and Cleopatra. All Egyptian, and Cleopatra (at the very least, don’t know about the others) was ethnically Greek. Sad, but not unsurprising from a Japanese franchise. I’m amazed enough to hear we’re getting two (?) South American Servants.

        I’d love to see another iteration of Lizzie/Drake, but I’d rather make her Assassin than Ruler. Rulers all appear to be Saints or similar figures, and as much as I may love Queen Elizabeth, she was in no way a Saint – but she /did/ preside over a pretty amazing spy network. I could absolutely see her as a Queen Of Whispers.

      • reversethieves says:

        The main problem with Nitocris is it seems that she is mostly a mythical character like King Arthur. She might have had a historical basis but like with Arthur it is always more theory than anything definitive about her.

        I think the best piece of exploration Fate/Grand Order can easily take is letting popular Servants jump classes. They have done it a ton with Artoria but Cú Chulainn, Gilles de Rais, and Elizabeth Báthory have also gotten in on that action. Fate/Ace Royal has given a bunch of hints of other classes known characters could be. I would love to see Lizzie/Drake in a whole bunch of classes. Since Grand Order really does not have as many heavy hitting Assassins as compared to other classes I welcome a powerful Assassin like Queen Elizabeth.

        – Alain

  2. staccato86 says:

    Great list!
    Some other suggestions I’d love to see in the game: Rider/Assassin Saint Olga, Archer Saint Barbara, Caster Marie LaVeau, Archer Agustina de Aragon, Rider/Caster Baba Yaga, Saber Aife, maybe Avenger Pandora… and the list can go on.

    • reversethieves says:

      There are still a metric ton of good Servants regardless of gender that are just waiting to be used. I really like the idea of Baba Yaga and we need more Avengers in general.

      – Alain

  3. Jee says:

    Should you also enter Lyudmila Pavlichenko as Assassin, Mary Tudor as Berserker or assassin as well (but former is fitting because of her title), Hatshepsut as Caster, Queen Victoria as Ruler

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