2001: A Blogging Odyssey


hisui_icon_4040 The May 2016 Line-Up was the 2,000th post on the blog. TECHNICALLY we could have made this the 2,000th post but I really wanted 2001: A Blogging Odyssey to be the title of the post. I’m thinking that the 3,000 celebration post will be titled Anime Blogging Theater 3000 but we will cross that bridge several years from now.

I don’t think I have done anything 2,000 times that was not either for basic survival or related to a job. If you told me that I would write 2,000 posts with Kate nine years ago when we started the blog I would have thought you were kindly optimistic. I’m not sure I still believe that we were able to do 1,000 posts and that was back in 2012.

Just because people always love statics I figured I would share some random facts that have come into being thanks to 2,000 posts.

  • According to MyAnimeList I have watched 1,133 different anime titles and completed 775 of those which is over 12,902 episodes of anime. Kate has watched 1,041 different anime titles and completed 615 of those which is over 8,300 episodes of anime.
  • We have done over 500 podcasts if you count all the S.W.A.T. Reviews as individual podcasts.
  • I have written 353 posts on Type-Moon alone, much to Kate’s dismay. In my defense, a lot of those are Type-Moon Weekly News Roundups.

narutaki_icon_4040 2,000 posts is a number that doesn’t really compute in my brain. What does that exactly look like? I guess it looks like 9 years of blogging since we are coming up on the blog birthday in July. The post count hadn’t really enter my mind, but when I look at it I’m pretty impressed we’ve had that much to say and we aren’t done yet! It either speaks to our obsession or to anime and manga’s infinite ability to engage; actually it is more than a bit of both.

hisui_icon_4040 A little heads up: We are going to save an introspection about the past, present, and future of the blog for July since that will be the 9th anniversary of the blog.


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