I hate you, Misa Misa


I think I could make myself crazy trying to come up with reasons for horrible female characters existence.

I love all the women of the world so oddly enough in a strange turn of events I am less hateful than you. But yeah there are some nasty piece of work characters in anime and manga.

I can’t complain about certain titles because they are aimed at a certain audience. For example, Rozen Maiden or the like, they are aimed at a fetish-type demographic so it is not as if I expect much from them. Series that have a broad appeal, like basic shonen and shojo, are a different story, I expect some diversity of characters, and when I’m given no option but weak and pathetic main female characters, one of two things usually happens. One, I stop reading, of course this is the least likely if they aren’t the main-main character. Or two, I hate them with such a fury that I cannot contain it and cling to either minor good females or disregard females in the series and only have an interest with the male characters.

We all know there is no excuse for Rozen Maiden. Doll touchers have to die.

I tend to latch onto characters I like and easily ignore characters I hate so I think I’m a little easier going than you are. I will go on for hours about how I love Saber but I find it hard to remember the last time I went on a rant about how much I hated a character. On the other hand, I can sometimes feel the hate-hate wawa vibes coming off you at certain characters.

Yes, well don’t act all innocent. I know how entertaining you find it to bring up characters that drive me up the wall. So, I attribute some of my ranting to you, Hisui.

I am a strong believer in the healing power of Schadenfreude. Certain Flay fan club posters are a testament to this fact. Narutaki is a good human being that hates bad characters. I’m a horrible human being that is tolerant of bad characters.

Oh and I think fetish characters should not get a free ride. I like the obviously fetish characters from Type Moon games. (Heck, you’re not going to get more fetish characters than characters from a hentai game.) I still like them as female characters so you can make characters that cater to a fetish but are still likable. You just have to put in some effort.

But I also realize that your just limiting your selections so you don’t go off like a volcano on the world of bad female characters.

But something like Death Note, yeah I’ll complain about that. Or any series with a main girl who is not only weak, but pointless and useless and the writer can’t even come up with a good reason to keep them around. Seriously, Light should have killed this girl. Period. I know her sex appeal is why she was there, I’m not dense, but really did she have to be the worst excuse for a woman ever? I was reading Death Note for this amazing cat and mouse story, not the fun fun love hour of serial killer and dumb girl.

Misa Misa is kind of a waste of a human life. She was often more of a problem to Light than L and the police force combined. As a person who likes the Goth Loli aesthetic, I see why Misa would appeal to men with her pleasant character design but her personality is just so caustic. She seems written in a way to deliberately make someone think, “Why has this girl not died yet?” The only problem with this is she added nothing to the plot other than having her lounge around it cute/skimpy little outfits and making trouble. She should have been dead and buried right after Rem died.

I remember that girl who brought up Misa Misa at that shojo panel at Manga Next as an example of a strong female character. Man, that was hysterical in a scary way because she was dead serious. She thought that the super stupid, super doormat that is Misa Misa was strong because she stuck by Light no matter what.…Wow! Not sure what to say to that.

I think the look on my face said it all. And I was sitting two seats away from the girl. It took all of my being to not reach out and shake her.

I also remember reading a review of the last book of Death Note where the reviewer speculated that Misa Misa is supped to be what happens if an average girl got her hands on the death note.

Alright, how insulting could that be? This is horrible! Misa Misa has gotten into the brains of people and made them think the average girl is a completely ditzy, useless, moronic, childish idiot! I don’t know who I should be more mad at, the people who created her, the people that like her, or the people that think she is the average girl!

Gundam Seed, I applauded you for your amazing females. EXCEPT FOR ONE. And granted, just one is pretty good. But I hated this character with so much of my being. Everytime she walked on screen I had to cringe. Flay Alster, you sucked. Not only was she a racist bitch, she also used the sex as her greatest weapon! I mean she succeeds in seducing Kira, but her plan doesn’t work out when he doesn’t go get himself killed. Everytime they would cut to her face she would have that, “hehe exactly as planned” look, it was almost comical.

Well, I think that Flay was made as a character to be hated by the viewers. They wanted you to have that reaction. Misa Misa was supposed to be entertaining person and beloved by the fans for her antics. All they did not do was give Flay a Snidely Whiplash mustache and have her tie Miriallia Haw to some train tracks. I also think she was supposed to be a sympathetic villain. You were supposed to understand that she did the things she did because she was hurt by the war and stuck out at people in selfish ways because she was an immature character.

I knew Gundam Seed wanted me to feel sorry for Flay but it just did not work. Especially, when we are dealing with so many characters who were all affected by the way and had their own horror stories. Flay was a selfish woman who believed that everything somehow revolved around her. Someone like Cagalli who’s father is also killed, is understandably upset but she used her grief to help end the war not to gain sympathy. And they also wanted you to forgive Flay in the end. NO.

Well that is why I’m going to marry Cagalli when I grow up and Athrun can take crappy Meyrin Hawke and be miserable with her.

Bad females must exist because there is something attractive about them, I don’t know what that is.

Certain men really like the idea of being able to protect a fragile girl who needs to be protected from the big bad world. Strong women don’t appeal to them because they can stand on their own so they don’t need them for anything. This desire to protect fragile girls can range from a noble desire to protect the one they love to the rather sleazy want for a girl to be dependent on them and only them. Often times if you dig down deep enough it’s a mixture of both in men. As for the nasty girl ,well men can like a horrible woman just as much as women will be attracted to the bad boy who is no good for them.

I guess, though, this is what is all comes down to right? Sex appeal, the object of a woman not the substance of one. But would guys really hate a female character that was strong? Is that the missing link in all of this? Of course men are objectified too but so many usually get at least some redeeming traits, interesting personalities, or are a dynamic character. Because we know girls were not reading Ruroni Kenshin because of Karou.

They read it because of the intense need to write Kenshin x Seta Soujiro porn. And Kenshin x Sanosuke porn. And Kenshin x you get the picture porn. I read it because Makimachi Misao is love and Hiko Seijuro is the man.

I just keep running circles in my head over this. Clearly there is no one answer to any of this.

I also think that guys will accept a cute face and smoking body and ignore a horrible personality a little quicker than a woman will accept a worthless guy with a pretty face. Not to say women won’t swoon over a pretty boy and be quick to ignore his faults but I think women in general have a slightly (even if it’s very slight) higher standard than men.

My question to you is do annoying male characters bother you as much as annoying female characters?

Yes, if they are annoying and useless. And also, lets not confuse the annoying and useless with just plain bitches.

I hate Asuka from Evangelion, I find her, as many others, to be a egotistical bitch, but atleast she can fight. Doesn’t mean I like her but I wouldn’t say she was useless. But that is so totally eclipsed by my blinding hatred of SHINJI IKARI!

Well even Yoshiyuki Sadamoto admitted that Shinji was nothing more than Nadia from Secret of Blue Water with a “masculine” make over. So Shinji is secretly A HORRIBLE GIRL CHARATCER in a very thinly veiled disguise. Also considering the fact that Nadia has her fair share of people who despised her for being a worthless female character it is not so hard to see why Shinji is so hated.

By the way, do you think Kenshin is an annoying male character or do you think he is just girl eye candy?

I think neither. This is a good person to illustrate the differences I see. Kenshin can be annoying and yes, he is very good looking. However, Kenshin is also TOTALLY BADASS! His fighting skills and scenes are just phenomenal. He has his annoying moments, but I can easily over look it when he is swinging his sword. This is it, I don’t hate annoying female characters because they are annoying. I hate annoying female characters that are also USELESS. I just want characters to serve some purpose.

Well as long as men will continue to buy figures, plushies, walls scrolls, pencil boards, love pillows, and real dolls of horrible female characters they will continue to make horrible female characters.

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5 thoughts on “I hate you, Misa Misa

  1. reversethieves says:

    Oh Lynn Minmei is definitely one of the most hated characters in anime fandom in America especially when Macross was newer in the US. She is super selfish, super self involved, and cock blocks the more likeable Misa Hayase. But she is useful to the plot and the other characters when it comes down to it. It’s her singing ability that helps win many a battle in Macross. It could be argued that the whole the Zentradi are easily confused by protoculture is nothing more than a plot device to make Lynn Minmei useful but none the less it still makes her useful. Love her or hate her she adds to the plot.

    Narutaki’s main complaint was annoying women who just stand than and add nothing to the plot or actual drag down the plot. Narutaki might not like your personality as a character but he wants you to add something to the plot as a character.

    I know Narutaki also really hates Akane from Ranma ½ because she acts like a royal bitch and she spends a lot of Ranma episodes being kidnapped.

    – Hisui

  2. 'Ny says:

    Well, it all comes to one thing with anime. ALL shounen anime. Girls. Girls and action. Misa is just there for eye candy, though I think someone would have to be blind not to like Hal, Kiyomi, Marie, or Takada. And as for a pleasant character? Saiyu. That’s all that needs to be said. I like Saiyu, and I do wish she had been given a bigger part in the anime.

  3. kisuke28 says:

    I never really thought Akane was a jerk. Ranma Really did deserve it sometimes; Like saying shes built like a brick, her legs are to thick…on and on and on. Also the big hip blues. Minmay was the most annoying anime character ever. Kudos for the voice actor for doing english and japanese versions but she was very selfish and let fame go to her head and never really learned that until the last arc. Naru is more tolerable then minmay yeah, I went there. At least when Kintaro Blasted off again it was funny. No annoying song and the only hope to show the aliens the protoculture. BTW I found that the alien who eventually married a certain pilot was way more useful.

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