Lum is awesome and so not tsundere.

So, I was walking through the park and for some random reason I started thinking about the word tsundere. Maybe because I hate that word and I usually dislike characters that fall into that category. And probably also because I am a weirdo who thinks about anime pretty constantly. Consequently, I started thinking about how fans seem to want to label everything, but that is another article all together.

I’m vaguely curious if there was something in the park that made you think of tsundere characters but that is neither here nor there. I on the other hand really like tsundere characters because I’m a messed up human being. Maybe I just enjoy pain. I also have less trouble with people needing labels. People really like to classify things. That being said I would make sweet sweet love with Flag.

Hold the phone! Aren’t you over stating that a bit? You might like somecharacters that happen to be tsundere but you don’t always like characters who are. Right? RIGHT!? Ahem, that is a whole other article.

I like a wide variety of characters. I guess I think certain tsundere characters are be cute in their tsundere nature. I think Eri or Rin are sort of endearing; where as I don’t really care anything about Naru or Akane. I think you have a general prejudice against characters who are tsundere. I on the other hand am just a loser.

There seems to be a lot of categories people throw the show Urusei Yatsura into that seem wildly inaccurate. If you have never actually seen Urusei Yatsura, well first off why not? And secondly, it will probably be hard to understand what we are about to ramble on about.

Urusei Yatsura is the story of the most lecherous and unlucky boy in the world. Ataru Moroboshi hits on any pretty girl he can find but always strikes out partially because he is just unlucky and partially because he is super skeezy. One day, aliens from the planet of the Oni are about to invade the earth and they give humanity one chance to avoid being conquered. If they can defeat an Oni in a game of tag they will be spared an invasion.

Due to a random drawing Ataru is chosen as the Earth’s Champion. At first he wants nothing to do with the contest but after seeing his opponent is the beautiful princess of the Oni named Lum he agrees to try to catch her in order to feel her up. Ataru expects to win quickly until he learns that Lum can fly and shoot lightning. After several days of utterly failing at capturing Lum, his friend Shinobu agrees to marry Ataru if he can catch Lum. So the next day, Ataru gathers up all his cleverness and sleaziness and catches Lum. In his moment of triumph he shouts out a marriage proposal to Shinobu but Lum mistakenly agrees to marry Ataru assuming it was a proposal to her.

Isn’t that also because he tagged her by grabbing the horns on her head?

Well in Japanese, tag is called Onigokko, which means game of the Oni. Supposedly if you play tag with an Oni and you catch the Oni by the horns then the Oni will grant you a wish. So basically, Lum is fulfilling the wish she thinks that Ataru has made.

So Lum moves in with Ataru and basically acts like his wife. She usually acts very affectionate and devoted to him but will not hesitate to electroshock Ataru whenever he goes after other girls. Other characters from Earth and space begin to flock towards Ataru and Lum in typical Takahashi fashion.

Yes, Takahashi-sensei started making the a huge cast of characters with Urusei Yatsura and this has stemmed to her work since. And she creates the most convoluted, mixed-up, insane love quadrangle-tetrahedrons!

One thing that I’ve heard said, and fans constantly debate it, is that Lum herself, is the first example of the tsundere archetype. I really feel like this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have to agree. The Internet likes to state things without anything even close to logic or proof behind it. They love to make one minor fact and make a whole totally erroneous argument from it while conveniently ignoring any and all contradicting evidence. If anyone is the prototype of the tsundere from Rumiko Takahashi it’s Akane Tendo.

A main stay of tsundere is to frustratingly act like you don’t like the person that you actually do. Lum makes no if, ands, or buts about who she is in love with. From the moment she becomes “engaged” to Ataru, he is the love of her life. And she really has no problem getting up in your face and letting you know that.

The secret appeal of the tsundere to the fans of the tsundere is the hard won approval from the tsundere after the hard battle of putting up with the outward coldness of the tsundere. If the girl comes out right off the bat and tells you she likes you and wants to be with you then she is not a tsundere. Lum will take any opportunity to declare her love and devotion to Ataru and often goes out of her way to prove her love when tested.

Furthermore, when Lum attacks Ataru, there are few people that could blame her. I mean what is Ataru’s personality? But most tsundere girls are constantly hurting their boys for doing nothing or for complete accidents. The guys usually have no idea what is going on.

Well I love Ataru (just like CLAMP who think he is SO handsome) but he is a super jerk (just like everyone else in Urusei Yatsura) and gets what he deserves most of the time. For some reason the Japanese really like that sort of physical humor and so tsundere girls are often physical in expressing their displeasure with guys.

Actually, I love Ataru also. But that is because everyone in Lum is a jerk but in a totally hilarious way.

Ryuunosuke is not a jerk. She is just a hard-luck woman.

If anyone in the relationship of Lum and Ataru is a tsundere, it’s Ataru himself. Ataru often pretends like he does not have feelings for Lum and wants to be separated from her. However, he occasional shows that he cares for Lum as much as she cares for him. This is all classic tsundere behavior.

The other odd thing is, many people call Urusei Yatsura the first harem show. Since Urusei Yatsura has a large number of female characters, and most of them are very attractive, and have some definite moe aspects to them, it must be a harem show. Plus, Ataru can be considered an average joe who is surrounded with beautiful women. I also think that anyone who says that is dead wrong. That’s like calling the car the first airplane because they are both forms of transportation. They have some very minor similarities but you are ignoring all of their differences.

What are people thinking? There are just as many dudes in Urusei Yatsura as there are girls. For what little harem anime I have actually watched, there seems to be an in-proportionate number of females to males. But in Lum there are guys chasing girls, girls chasing guys, and good-looking people on both sides. Hell no one except Lum even likes Ataru.

Shinobu sort of, but barely, likes Ataru in the beginning but as soon as Mendo appears she drops him like a rock. The cornerstone of harem anime is the milquetoast protagonist thats is loved by all the girls in the series because he’s just a great guy deep down even if most people can’t see it (others would argue for no reason at all). Usually the guys just have a few distinguishing characteristics but is an overall a nice guy. Ataru is anything but the stereotypical misunderstood nice guy. He is a horny, perverted, and selfish guy that occasionally shows hints of being a good guy underneath. If anything, he is the complete opposite of the harem master.

Plus, there are only two types of guys in harem anime who are not the main character. Even more nondescript guys that the protagonist to be background losers and romantic rivals who are bad dudes to be defeated in love. Although it can be argued that that “Lum’s stormtroopers” are the nondescript friends and Mendo is the romantic rival. However, there are more male types in Urusei Yatsura than just those two types.

But everyone is crazy in love with Lum. So if anything it’s like a harem show for girls, but then it isn’t that either. Because Lum just has too much sex appeal. Most harem shows have below average characters that have a bunch of good looking people in love with them for no reason at all. None of the guys are drop dead gorgeous, well except for Rei, but he is an idiot. But it is not a big shocker to see a bunch of guys falling all over themselves for Lum.

For shame. For shame! Are you saying Mendo is not drop dead gorgeous?

In my haste to type that sentence, I obviously was blinded by my love. Mendou is beautiful! Better?

Well Lum is still a sex symbol and a otaku icon of worship in Japan.

Hell, that girl has been on more advertising than most pop stars! Rumiko even drew her rooting for the Hanshin Tigers. And she is on like pasta packaging in Europe!

I also think your implying that you would not run off and marry Cherry. You have odd taste. Cherry is so dreamy.

The only category Urusei Yatsura should be thrown in is the hilarious one.

BTW – My favorite character from Urusei Yatsura is Shinobu.

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Top 5 awesome girls who ain’t tsundere
5. Clare
4. Mikako Koda
3. Lum Invader
2. Tohru Honda
1. Arashi Kishuu

2 thoughts on “Lum is awesome and so not tsundere.

  1. phatbhuda says:

    Other possible tsudere not related to anime/manga:
    Princess Leia

    That ice skater in that movie about a hockey player that gets roped in to pairs ice skating

    The princess in The Princess Bride

    Anything that involves a body guard or cop that must protect the daughter of some important person. She’s all like “I hate this, why does daddy coddle me?” And he’s like “because it’s dangerous, and I need to protect you.” And then she falls in love with him, because it is in fact dangerous and he does indeed protect her.

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