The Speakeasy #092: Otakon, More Ideon, More One Piece

Ongoing Investigations: One Piece Water Thriller Bark-Paramount War, Space Runaway Ideon.

Song: “SKILL” by JAM Project from Super Robot Wars Alpha 2

Food for Thought: What event would you like to see for Otakon’s 25th year?

Topics: Otakon


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One thought on “The Speakeasy #092: Otakon, More Ideon, More One Piece

  1. Alexander Case says:

    Since I missed the social media prompt for Food for Thought – if the final Eva Rebuild film happens to be completed and ready by Otakon, having the US premiere at Otakon would kinda be cool. I wouldn’t expect Anno himself to show up, but having some other staff members from Khara there would be awesome.

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