The Reverse Thieves Dossier for the Aniblog Tournament

Considering this is a lazy Saturday we assume that a majority of our traffic will be from the Aniblog Tournament with the rest being people looking for pornographic doujinshi and Berserk season 2. If you haven’t heard of the games, it is a little something being put on by Scamp, you can get full details here. It’s a gathering of all kinds of anime blogs, variety abound, and it’s a great way to find something new or different to read. For those kindly souls checking out Reverse Thieves for the first time, we give you this handy guide to this humble detective-themed blog.

  • We cover cons and special events like Otakon 2009 (be warned of its lengthy nature) and the New York International Children’s Film Festival’s theatrical screening of Summer Wars.
  • Fandom experiments like the Otaku Diaries crop up in our pursuits to know our fellow fans better and we enjoy the random cross-blogging project like Secret Santa.
  • If you are curious about anything else we have a meticulous filing cabinet in the sidebar plus archive and index pages for you to peruse.

Other than that we hope everyone involved with the tournament finds some great new blogs to read and maybe a new appreciation for the anime blogging community.

Cast your vote in the polls!

Aishiteruze Baby


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